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Our very own Jennie Elrod, math teacher at Pueblo, was featured on a CNN story. Here it is in case you missed it:

Jennie explains what it was all about:

My internship was with the integration team for the Standard Missile 6 development program at Raytheon. We did the final testing phases to collect data and evidence that the SM6 is ready for the “production phase” which means it can be put into mass production and sold to Raytheon customers. The SM6 is a defense missile that has some very innovative capabilities unlike any missile in production today! My role was to collect telemetry data from missile tests, assist in taking the data back to Tucson, and also analyze the data in Tucson labs. We looked to see what information the missile received versus what information was sent to the missile, and use that to understand how the missile behaved… etc. So, we looked at a lot of graphs and codes.

The important part of this internship program was to allow me time and experience to witness the types of skills used in the workforce. In other words, what should I be teaching in my classroom that will prepare my students for a career in math or science?

That pretty much sums it up, it was a great experience and I look forward to working at Raytheon again next summer!

Here’s a clip of some behind the scenes footage of the interview process:

Thank you for sharing this experience with us Jennie.

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  1. Jennie rocks the house! Not only does she get her Master’s program paid for, she takes what she learns in her internship and brings it back to our Warriors. What a valuable experience for the kids to see and experience! Thanks Jennie and good luck with the rest of the program.

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