Prom Night 2010 – Escape To Sin City

This years Prom was held downtown at the Tucson Convention Center Copper Ballroom. The theme was Escape To Sin City and the ballroom had casino decor. About 240 Warriors attended and danced to the music of

Prom Committee celebrates the success of the event

Prom Royalty was announced and the winners were:

King & Queen: Angel Rodriguez & Blanca Llanez

Prince & Princes: Brian Ortega & Melissa Shaw

Here’s a short video of the atmosphere:

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[Pueblo Just Dance Video]

5 thoughts on “Prom Night 2010 – Escape To Sin City”

  1. prom sucked that sould of had better music then what they had most of the people wanted spinsh music but they only played like 2 to 3 spinsh songs next time make sure you get a dj that can play spinsh music

  2. Raul, fyi, the music they were playing was by request. If you want a bunch of spanish music, that’s what Fiesta is for.

  3. you know it would have been alot more better and more people would have been dancing Chelsea if there was mexican music for YOUR INFO 95% of the kids in this school are mexican and love to dance the music that’s y when it came on at prom everyone was dancing did you seee that????????????? or no !!!!!!

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