New Marquee Project Taking Shape

In case you haven’t noticed, our 12th Avenue entrance has changed drastically over the summer.  The entryway construction has been completed and traffic is flowing nicely into Pueblo.

The other part of the project is underway with the construction of the new archway already in place.

New archway in place

The archway will be completed with red masonry as the base in the coming week.  Then we move on to the big one, our new digital marquee.

Stay tuned for updates and news on the completion of this project.

3 thoughts on “New Marquee Project Taking Shape”

  1. we REALLY spent all that money for THAT? Really? SMH. We could of kept choir going or donated to band or something…

    I hope the digital comes out looking decent..

  2. So far the digital marquee is looking pretty shabby too, it makes me sad that we spent such an outrageous amount of money on something so futile when we had to lay off a bunch more teachers last year. all the while the heads of TUSD are making six figures… nice.

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