New Administration Team For 2011-2012

Pueblo would like to introduce our new administration team for 2011-2012.  They have set high expectations for our Warriors this school year.

They will be available to answer questions during a special early session at our upcoming Back To School Celebration on August 30, 2011.  They invite all Pueblo parents to join them and discuss the school year.

Pueblo Administration Team 2011-2012

From Left To Right:

Assistant Principal Operations: Vanessa Casillas

Assistant Principal Instruction: Ana Gallegos

Principal: Vivi Watt

Assistant Principal Activities: Frank Rosthenhausler

“Allow me to introduce myself as the new Principal of Pueblo Magnet High School.  I am very excited to become part of the Warrior community and look forward to meeting and working with you in the upcoming school year.  Ana Gallegos will become the new Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction; and along with Frank and Vanessa we believe we will create an awesome leadership team.” – Vivi Watt

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