Warriors Volunteer For National Public Lands Day

Pueblo Fire Service students woke up bright and early on  Saturday morning, September 24th for National Public Lands Day.  At 6:30 a.m., these  volunteers were ready to work.  We praise their efforts and dedication to the City of Tucson with their participation in restoring the beauty and vitality of our public lands.

On the top of A-Mountain. Can you see Pueblo in the background?

Student volunteers that helped clean A-Mountain were: Carlos Meraz, Blanca Valenzuela, Hector Ortega, Angel Tellez, Luis Mendivil & Juan Aguilar. (From Left To Right)

Thank you for representing Pueblo!  You too can get involved!

2 thoughts on “Warriors Volunteer For National Public Lands Day”

  1. Nice work fire, keep up the good work. Try to absorb everything chief is teaching you, cause that’s how u get your name out there and helps you develop skills peopleolder then u r trying to learn. Congrats warriors!!.

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