In Memory Of Martha Arellano

In Memory Of Martha Arellano 1963-2012

The Pueblo Community lost a dear friend and colleague, Mrs. Martha Arellano-Gutierrez, on April 18. Martha devoted 17 years at Pueblo, beginning as a receptionist and then becoming a staff assistant and an attendance clerk. She also volunteered much of her time with Pueblo’s after school activities.

Pueblo teachers and staff members remember Martha fondly and with great affection.

I am so sad to hear the news about Martha. She was so wonderful and funny. I will always treasure our discussions on caffeine and “cat reactions”. (Dr. Andrew Lettes)

Every morning, one of the first people I would see would be Martha. She always greeted me warmly with a big smile on her face. (Ms. Crystal Reedy)

Martha always said hi and asked how you were and listened and responded to the answer. I miss her smile. So so sad. (Ms. Sally Rusk)

I met Martha Arellano my first day as a Pueblo teacher. From day one, she was always very professional… and very nice! She was never too busy to help me. She also had a great sense of humor. I felt shocked and sad, and my heart goes out to her family. (Mr. Don Robertson)

Martha was always a bright spot in my life; I loved her friendship, her humor, her kindness. You will remain forever wonderful in my heart, Martha. (Ms. Maria Bicknell)

I will always remember Martha’s smile and warm greeting whenever I saw her. (Ms. Theresa Ellis)

I will always miss her “Good mornings!” (Mr. Virgil Henderson)

I will miss her friendly smile, and I am very grateful to her for keeping an eye on my kids when they were attending PHS. They always had someone else to go to when they had questions or concerns. She showed them that she cared. She supported YES Club activities and gave up her lunch hour to help clean up the campus, and she did it with motherly coaxing and a smile. My family will miss her dearly. (Ms. Martha Avila-Miranda, M.Ed)

Martha always laughed at my jokes! (Ms. Sal Vitale)

I first met Martha when I started here at Pueblo in 2009. My first office was in the attendance office, and I got to know her fairly well. She always called me Alonzo, and it took her about two months to get used to calling me Lorenzo. She (along with many of the attendance and office staff) was instrumental in helping me to get settled and situated here at Pueblo. She was a proud mom and an even prouder Nana. I know she will be missed greatly by the Pueblo family. Rest well, my friend. (Mr. Lorenzo Chavez, former GEAR UP College Coach & TRiO Coordinator)

Martha had a special way with people. She knew everyone who came through that door, greeted all of them and made them feel special. I will miss her. (Ms. Marina Ordoñez)

I will forever cherish the times we spent together working the gate at the football games. I will miss her laugh and hugs. I will miss you, buddy. (Mr. Mario Matanza)

In 1997, when Martha was the receptionist at the counseling office, my office as the parent and student liaison was over there. One day, I came to work very upset because a dog I was taking care of destroyed something that was very dear and precious to me. She got me to stop crying, but every time someone walked into my office they would ask what was wrong because it was obvious I had been crying, and I would just start crying all over again. So, Martha made four signs and posted them outside of my office where everyone coming in would see. They read : “ PLEASE DO NOT ASK EVELIA WHAT IS WRONG!” It worked! I will miss you, Martha, and always remember all of the laughs we had together. (Ms. Evelia Lopez)

I remember how Martha was always joking around and making fun of me and saying, “Cris! Que paso?” Her smile was always there… (Ms. Cristina Parsons)

Martha was full of life, and when she greeted me with a lilt in her voice, it made me smile and made my day that much better. One couldn’t help but like Martha and enjoy her company. I will always remember her as “a salt of the earth” type of person who was taken from us much too early. My tears flow as I write this, realizing that Martha is gone. (Mr. Saúl Ostroff)

I can remember going by Martha’s desk on a daily basis and saying “Wie geht’s” (“How are you?” in German), and after a while, I taught her to say “Sehr gut” (“Very good”), and she would always smile afterwards. (Respectfully, Mr. Pete Pederson)

Whenever I was stressed—really, really stressed, especially during newspaper layout session—I’d go to the attendance office, knowing that Martha gave the best massages in the world. I always felt rejuvenated afterwards! I used to joke around with her—that I’d marry her if she gave me a massage every day—that I would do all of the cooking and yard work if she would just massage me! I loved laughing with her. (Mr. Rana Medhi)

I am sorry to hear about the passing of one of our dear coworkers. Martha always had a helpful disposition and a smile on her face. She will be missed. (Ms. Alma R. Wilson)

Martha was helpful to me and my family. I often went out of my way to go see her in the office, especially in the summer when we weren’t busy. Martha’s kind heart and easy going manner always brightened up my day. I will miss her dearly. (Mr. Cristobal Santa Cruz)

Well, I met Marta in 1997 when I started as a counselor here at Pueblo. She was the receptionist in the counseling center. She knew everything that was going on and kept us in line—he he! She had a great heart and would always come to see me to let me know about any students who needed my help. Her daughter, Marlene, is the same age as my oldest daughter, and we talked often about our girls. She never forgot to ask me how my daughter Erin was through the years. I will miss her! (Ms. Debra Thompson)

Martha, I’ll remember our walks at the Santa Cruz, Zumba, and Fry’s Chicken. You were always greeting all that came to Pueblo with a smile. You will be missed. (“Juicy” Susie)

Compiled by Melody Inthyvong For El Guerrero

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  1. Martha, the Lord blessed us all by giving us you. You touched our hearts, but more importantly, you touched our souls. We were all blessed to have had you in our lives. My heart goes out to your family. (Reff)

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