New Monitor Adds More Safety to Pueblo

By Avae Velasquez

As of Tuesday, Feb. 24, staff and students welcomed a new monitor, Mr. Sean Jack, to the Pueblo community, giving our school more security after losing two monitors earlier this semester.

New Pueblo Monitor Sean Jack (Bottom)

Jack was born and raised in Tucson and graduated from Tucson High School in 2001. Around the same time, Jack joined the Air National Guard.

During his time in the Air National Guard, Jack served as a medic and traveled to countries such as Jamaica performing health and wellness checks. He was also deployed to Afghanistan in 2006.

Jack is currently attending the University of Phoenix as a business major and is pursuing a bachelor’s in business management. He hopes to later receive a master’s and to become an officer in the Air National Guard.

In the meantime, Jack has committed to being a part of the Pueblo staff. Although it is only his first two weeks, he had some positive feedback to give the El Guerrero staff.

“So far, Pueblo seems like a good school,” Jack said. “I haven’t run into any serious problems, and the staff and students seem nice and are really easy to talk to.”

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