Counselor Decides To Work With Adolescents

By Felicity Aguilar

Rosalina Garcia

The counseling department is very different this year due to several new faces, including Ms. Rosie Garcia, who will be working with all freshmen and some sophomores (whose last names begin with the letters “A” through “L”).

Garcia graduated from the U of A with her bachelor’s degree in psychology; later, she earned a master’s focusing on school counseling. Before coming to Pueblo, Garcia worked with early childhood cases—home visits in the Amphitheater School District for children up to the age of five.

After volunteering much of her time as a grief counselor for families, Garcia committed to an internship at Catalina High School, which inspired her to want to help adolescents.

Garcia said, “I feel very welcomed at Pueblo already. I truly want to build relationships with Pueblo’s students, and I really want to be a resource for them and help them in any way possible.”

She added that she is passionate about working with children and foresees herself working with this age group for many years.

“I love the students [at Pueblo] so far!” Garcia said. “They’re awesome! I knew this [school] was  going to be a great environment!”

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