Warriors Edge Out Marana In ‘White-Out’

America Cardenas Pueblo El Guerrero

By América Cárdenas

Pueblo Warriors Football White Out Game 2015

Pueblo High School’s football team hosted its fifth annual White-Out game on Sept. 4 against the Marana Tigers. The Warriors were victorious over the Division III Tigers; the final score was a nail-biting 28-27.

Coach Brandon Sanders said, “I wanted to start them [Pueblo] with a tough schedule right off the bat to see what we were made of, and while it wasn’t pretty, I’m proud of the total team effort we gave Friday night.”

Senior Justin Pledger said, “The win over Marana was not an individual victory; it was a team victory, and we would not have won without everyone doing their parts.”

Former Coach Adrian Koch began the tradition of the first game having the theme of White Out in 2011. Many Pueblo faculty, staff, and students participated in the tradition by wearing white to school and the football game in support of the varsity football team.

“I have gone to the White-Out game every year since I was a freshman,” said senior Cristian Coronado.“This year was by the far the most spirited student section. We participated in chants, painted our faces and bodies, and we even threw baby powder up in the air when our team scored their first touchdown.”

Up next for the Warriors are the Flowing Wells’ Caballeros on September 11.

Pledger said, “This is a big game for the team. If we get this win, other teams have to watch out because Flowing Wells is predicted to take State in our division.”

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