Stay Out Of The Hallways, Get To Class!

Xamantha Williams El Guerrero Pueblo 2015

By Xamantha Williams

Student traffic in the halls and excessive tardiness have always been a colossal problems at Pueblo, but these problems escalated to new disturbing levels this school year—due in part to a lack of security. Administrators and faculty here at Pueblo have been working diligently to resolve these issues throughout this first semester.

Monitors, too, are doing all that they can to ensure that students make it to their classes on time, but because we are short-handed two monitors at the moment, tardies are becoming excessive this school year. Currently, Pueblo has just four monitors, the least amount in recent years.

Ms. Nora Monge, one of Pueblo’s monitors, said, “It’s so important for students to be on time to school and their classes. Tardiness definitely negatively affects grades, and being tardy shows a lack of responsibility and a lack of respect. Many students truly need to do a better job of getting to class on time. There shouldn’t be anybody roaming the hallways.” She paused and said, “Quiet hallways mean that students are learning in their classrooms.”

Teachers, too, are becoming increasingly extremely frustrated about the abundance of tardies.

“Students need to treat school like it’s a job,” said Mr. Pete Pederson, who teaches graphic design and yearbook.” He paused and added, “When I was in high school, nobody was late. Students just weren’t. Over the years, unfortunately, students have become very lax about tardiness.”

While some students are excused for being absent and tardy, many others do not get excused which sometimes leaves the tardy as an absence.

“Students need to know the rules of this school and take responsibility for their own actions and their own learning,” said attendance clerk and office manager Ms. Rosalie Sinteral.

Most students at Pueblo want their peers to be in class during class time and use their passing periods wisely and responsibly.

Senior Marissa Padilla said, “It’s so frustrating when you’re in the hallway, and you see people standing and talking in the middle of a walkway while trying to get to class. I know how attendance is important and I try to always be on time.”

Pueblo High School Crowded Hallways
Crowded hallways during passing period

Padilla added, “Students need to remember why they are here at Pueblo.”

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