Seven Warriors To Play Collegiate Sports

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By América Cárdenas and Avae Velasquez

Pueblo Warriors Fall Sports Signing Day 2016

Pueblo Magnet High School hosted the first annual student athlete signing ceremony on Friday, January 15. Seven of our Warriors announced their schools of interest or their choices of where they will be attending college in the fall.

Among these Warriors, only one senior, Vanessa Molina, officially signed. She committed to attending Central Arizona College to play softball.

“The student athletes had the choice of signing at the college, their home, or here at Pueblo,” said Assistant Principal Frank Rosthenhausler. “Vanessa Molina decided to sign here at her high school and wanted to give the opportunity to her fellow student athletes.”

Three of her fellow softball teammates, Vanessa Duarte, Alizea Corday, and Sierra Gaskill, committed to attend Phoenix College and signed the next day, January 16.

“I am extremely proud of the girls’ commitment on and off the field,” said first year high school softball coach Curtis Ruiz.  “It makes coaching worth every minute especially when  you get to see the players you have had for years finally achieve their dreams of playing ball at the next level.”

Senior Frankie Gomez was also apart of the celebration, and he expressed three schools of interest for baseball. Gomez is still undecided as to where he would like to attend college in the fall.

“I would like to thank God and my family for the amazing opportunities and support they have giving me over the years.” Gomez said. “I still haven’t committed to which college I’ll attend. It’s going to be a difficult decision.”

Jasiah Booth and Justin Pledger have both received offers to play football at the collegiate level.

Pueblo Warriors Fall Signing Day 2016

Booth said that he is also undecided about where he will attend college but has narrowed the choice between Arizona Christian University, Jacksonville University, and three community colleges: Glendale, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

Pledger has the two choices of attending Pima and Eastern College.

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Brandon Sanders said, “Our student athletes deserve the best. This ceremony was very successful, and I hope this will become an annual event for our Pueblo students.”

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