New Monitor Believes In Students’ Future

By Daniela Moreno

Pueblo High School Welcomes Monitor Rodrigo Cardenas
New Campus Monitor Rodrigo Cardenas

Mr. Rodrigo Cardenas, one of the newest additions to our Warrior Family, said he is very pleased to be working here at Pueblo as a monitor and looks forward to making a difference in our Warrior community.

Cardenas grew up in a small town in Sinaloa, Mexico, and he said that he learned to appreciate the small things in life—especially education.

“Enjoy it [education], and enjoy your high school to the fullest,” said Cardenas. “You have no idea how lucky you are to be at such a great school receiving this incredible education!”

Working in a high school has given Cardenas the ability to encourage students to not take school for granted but to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Cardenas, 22, plans to study criminology and eventually earn a degree in this field. He is going to enjoy being a monitor for as long as possible, but he does admit to having plans of grandeur.

“I didn’t want to be just another person,” said Cardenas, “I always wanted to make a difference.”

Thus far, Cardenas said that besides a few students giving him attitude, he has enjoyed his job immensely. He has been confused for a high school student himself, which he admitted can be a bit frustrating.

He added that he truly cares about Pueblo’s students and wants them, above all, to value their educational opportunities.

Cardenas said, “Our students’ minds are capable of so many great things.”

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