Pueblo Warriors Football Hopes For Better Season In 2017


by Angelita Delcido and Daniela Moreno

Pueblo’s football team finished off the season with a winning record of 6-4, which was slightly disappointing compared to last year’s record. However, the team did score a major victory over Palo Verde for the second year in a row.

Despite a less than stellar season, Coach Brandon Sanders was proud of his team and how well they played this season.

Sanders said, “We played good this year, being a young team.”

Impressed with his young teams determination, senior linebacker Anthony Garcia said,”I’m really proud of how devoted we were, being as young as we were.”

Sanders hopes that for next year his team will grow not only physically but mentally as well.

“My hope is that the players this year grow to have more commitment [to football],” said Sanders.

Senior Anthony Garcia leaves his team with confidence knowing the varsity team will do even better next year.

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