Warriors Join In On 2017 Women’s March

by Kanani Salazar and Abigail Sotelo

Yamaika Romano & Abigail Sotelo at Women’s March 2017 in Tucson, AZ.

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 several Pueblo Magnet High School students and faculty participated in the Women’s March, which began at Armory Park and ended at Joel D. Valdez Library Park.

There were several purposes of the Women’s March, including for marchers to advocate for equal rights of women, to end racial profiling and to voice opposition towards President Trump, who had just been inaugurated the day before. There were also protests related to pro-choice and birth control.

Participant and Pueblo High School teacher Dr. Raul Gonzalez said, “This march was an opportunity for everyone to express themselves and to stand up for those groups and individuals who are under attack. I hope we don’t miss more chances to actually do something about the injustices in the world.”

Men and women of all ages and of all races let their voices be heard. They used their power of communication to stand in solidarity with the many groups that have been under attack—such as women themselves, the LGBTQ community and minorities.

Pueblo High School teacher Ms. Victoria Bodanyi also committed to being a part of the march. She said, “Marching was straight up goosebumps the whole time I marched. I felt I was a part of something bigger, and it felt good to stand up and speak out.”

Marching inspired several of Pueblo’s students to express themselves—to voice their frustrations and opinions.

Junior and participant Yamaika Romano Robles said, “The march made me feel stronger about the future. There’s always hope.”

Another junior, Abigail Sotelo, said, “During the march, I felt empowered by my own fortitude and my own convictions. I mattered—my voice really mattered. I feel as if Donald Trump has nothing on me and nothing on America.” She paused and added, “Trump does not represent me, at all.”

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