Pueblo Homecoming King & Queen 2017

by Kyra Ycedo

Roman & Samantha

The Pueblo varsity football team (against the Cholla Chargers) weren’t the only winners at homecoming on Friday, Sept. 8. It was no surprise that Seniors Roman Estrella and Samantha Moreno were announced as homecoming royalty.

During halftime, Roman and Samantha were crowned king and queen, proudly representing Pueblo and affirming a long-lasting school tradition.

“I asked all of my friends to help us out and nominate us,” said Roman. “Honestly, I just wanted to make sure that Sam was crowned our queen, as cheesy as that sounds.”

Queen Samantha said, “I’m glad that I’m able to say that I won something during my high school years. Honestly, I didn’t really think that people knew me or liked me enough for me to be their queen.”

Many seniors expressed their thumbs-up for this year’s homecoming royalty.

Senior, Aldo Reyes said, “I think Roman and Samantha deserved to win. Even though they were the only candidates, I was really happy for them!”

Senior Lizbeth Oquita said, “I’m so happy for them [Roman and Samantha]! They really deserved to win.”

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