Advice Column Returns To El Guerrero

Everyone needs advice at some point. That is why the El Guerrero Newspaper class is reinstating an advice column called ‘Yo no se? Ask Jose’ which will answer your questions and find the best solutions to your problems.

There will be three boxes to drop off questions: the library, the counselor’s office, and also the cafeteria.

Some topics you’re able to write about are relationships, health, schooling, family/friends, adolescent issues, and addictions. Please keep the questions appropriate. Silly or inappropriate questions will be ignored. You may sign your name to the question—or, you may leave them anonymous. If your question is selected for publication, we will never release your real name; your confidentiality will be respected.

Check out the blog regularly to see updated questions/solutions, and the May hard copy of El Guerrero will feature the best questions from this semester.

Please participate; we are looking forward to serving you.

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