Seniors Urged To Sign Up For Class Trip

by Gabriela Varela

Time is quickly evaporating for seniors to sign up for the upcoming senior Class of 2018 trip to southern California on May 30 through June 2. Senior class sponsor Mr. Greg Obregon wants seniors to know that there is still time for seniors to commit to this “memorable” experience.

Obregon said that seniors need to make a minimum of $140 deposit “as soon as possible”; seniors can pay as much as they can until they have given the total amount of $499—even as late as the day of the trip, although they need to have approval with Obregon near the end deadline.

Seniors will be going to Knots Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Disneyland and Magic Mountain (Six Flags, California). One day will be designated for seniors to dip their feet into the Pacific Ocean near Los Angeles.

“I really think that seniors will have a great time in California before they venture out in the ‘real world,’ Mr. Obregon said, “and to have a relaxing time before they start their futures.”

One senior, Lydia Angulo, said, “It’s going to be an exciting moment for us, and I really look forward to not being under T.U.S.D. restrictions.”

Obregon said that he will chaperone the senior trip—and will have additional supervision of students from the security company.

At this point, Obregon said he is hoping for a minimum of 50 seniors to attend, although he expects more than 50. If more than 50 students participate, then an additional bus will be used.

Another senior, Carlos Chavez, “I’m looking forward to sharing memories with a lot of great friends in the Class of 2018 and capturing wonderful and memorable moments that will last a lifetime.”

Roman Estrella, who is also planning on attending this trip, said, “I plan to have a really good time on this trip—going to some theme parks with friends and just having a blast!”

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