Warriors Plan For Spring Break (Hope For No Homework!)


By Alina Cuen and Daniela Moreno

With spring break around the corner, students and staff members are seeing a light at the end of this third quarter tunnel. In a week, it will be time, at last, to be able to put our feet up and relax.

Here’s what some of our fellow Warriors have to say about spring break…

Nobody needs a respite more than our seniors; many of our Class of ’18 students have already had a full-blown case of senioritis, and some are still struggling with this “infliction”.

Mauro Sanchez, a senior, said, “Over the break, I want to go swimming and get rid of this farmer’s tan!” He added, “And for teachers who want to give us homework… NO!!! There’s absolutely no reason for teachers to give us homework over the break!”

Freshman Jorge Olmos said, “I’m excited for spring break because we don’t have to worry about school, and, no, we students shouldn’t have homework because we all really need a break.”

He added, “The perfect spring break would be 365 days.”

Aaron Cano, a sophomore, said, “I’m really excited for spring break because I can finally sleep in and get the rest that I need! No teachers should give students homework! We all need a break—especially the teachers! I know that I desperately need a break from school. I’d love to be able to spend the break with my girlfriend.”

Abigail Sotelo, a senior who is really excited for the break, said, “I can’t wait for spring break! I’m going to go out, swim and party!” She added, “And teachers shouldn’t give out homework, it’s our break, and it’s their break, too! They need time to recharge their batteries before the fourth quarter begins on March 26th!”

“The perfect spring break would be to go to Rocky Point,” Sotelo affirmed.

Principal Dr. Romero said, “Over the break, I’m going to watch my son play baseball and my daughter play soccer. I’ll also be working two days that week. For me, the perfect spring park is spending a lot of time with family, eating rib-eye steaks, pico de gallo and tripas de leche.”

“No, I don’t believe that teachers should give out homework over the break,” Romero said. “I think it’s an opportunity for everyone to recharge themselves. It’s a time to catch up on family, interests, and a time to rest and to de-stress.”

So, teachers, you hear that? – Straight from the Boss! J Happy Spring Break, Pueblo High School!

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