So Long, Coach Sanders

by Kevin Cazares & Isari Martinez

Thank you Coach Sanders

After being head coach for six seasons, Mr. Brandon Sanders has stepped down; Mr. Jacob Allen is now Pueblo’s head football coach.

Sanders became inspired to become a coach after his own coach at the University of Arizona, legendary Mr. Dick Tomey, who guided him and, in a sense, groomed him to be a great leader himself.

“I wanted to see if I could actually do it [coaching high school students],” said Sanders. “It would’ve been another challenge for me to have success.” he added.

Sanders is not leaving the position without a legacy. He led the Warriors football team to a 41-22 record over the past six years; he hopes that he provided a foundation for a lasting successful football team.

“This [past] season was great,” Sanders said. “I think I was able to grow along with the program.”

Sanders added that his moments as a head coach was fun, and he hopes that his ethics taught his high school students respect and to “grow” their love of football.

At the end of the school year, Sanders will commit to becoming a defensive back coach for the Tucson Sugar Skulls in the Indoor Football League.  

“Coaching is my purpose in life, and I am proud and grateful for the experiences at Pueblo,” Sanders said.

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