Student Recruits Warriors for ‘Sunrise High School’

Dorothy Pallanes

By Emily Gastelum

Last week, junior (class of 2021) Dorothy Pallanes attended a youth group in Philadelphia, PA, focusing on improving the environment, and now that she has returned to Tucson, she declared that she is prepared to recruit Pueblo students to join her plight to become more Earth-friendly.

“I felt at home when I met others like me [in Philadelphia] who support such an important cause,” Pallanes said. “I felt like all four days were spent well—learning more about the perils of CO2.”

Recently, Pallanes helped co-found a group called “Sunrise High School”, a collaboration of other adolescent supporters of this movement. She encourages other students at high school to become more environmentally sensitive.

“Wake up [students], the world needs our help,” Pallanes said.

She added that she plans to voice her opinions during school lunch in the coming weeks, attend more environmental conferences and continue to inspire her Warriors to march downtown on Wednesday, April 22, Earth Day.

“We all live on the same planet,” Pallanes said. “We all need to unite. Global warming is no longer a political joke. It’s not funny at all. Scientists are telling us that we have until 2030 to stop wasting the planet. After that, there will be irrevocable environmental consequences.”

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