‘Ozzy’ To The Rescue: New Campus Monitor Hired At Pueblo

by Jenaiyah Molina 

Ozzy Herrera

Pueblo High School has once again gained another monitor this school year. Mr. Oswaldo “Ozzy” Herrera has joined our community to help keep students safe and to ensure that these students are adhering to all the rules and policies. 

Herrera said that he takes his new job very seriously and just wants to make sure all students are safe, in and out of their classrooms. 

“It’s a never-ending job,” Herrera said, “keeping students in line and helping the other monitors with the huge task of getting students where they’re supposed to be: in class!” 

Herrera, who might look like a high school student himself (he’s only 23!), said that he enjoyed his years as a high school student, and he wants to make sure that today’s high school students stay safe and out of trouble. 

“I really wish that all of the students at Pueblo knew how important staying in class will help them in the long run,” Herrera said. “I realize that times are tough—nothing is easy—but earning high grades and eventually graduating on time should be in students’ best interest.” 

Unfortunately, Herrera has had his share of “busting” students who have broken school rules—although he did add that he’s not as “busy” in recent weeks as he was earlier this school year. 

“In the beginning weeks of this school year, I was busting about three students a day smoking pot in the bathrooms,” Herrera said. “Now, that number is down to about once a day and sometimes less.” 

He said that having a few more male monitors could help him to do his job more thoroughly. 

“We have awesome, smart, strict monitors who are definitely doing their jobs,” Herrera said, “but this school needs more male monitors to help with the male students who are breaking the rules in bathrooms.” 

Herrera added that although he has had the unfortunate task of busting students, he also acknowledges that most of the students at Pueblo are respectful and talented. 

As an avid fan of sports—specifically, volleyball, football and basketball—Herrera said that has observed that Pueblo High School is full of talented student athletes. 

“As I monitor the gym, I see a lot of talented kids who really should be on the basketball team or in other sports teams,” said Herrera. “I encourage all students to belong to a club—whether or not it’s related to sports or not. Students who are engaged in high school motivates them to attend classes every day and to stay focused on what they love most.” 

As much as Herrera loves the challenge of being security monitor at Pueblo, he said that his long-term goal is to become a recording engineer. 

“I attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Ariz., and I loved what I learned there,” Herrera said. “I want to save up some money and eventually move out to Los Angeles with my brother, who is already waiting for me there to join him in establishing ourselves as recording engineers.” 

Until then, Herrera said that he wants to stay focused on keeping the Pueblo High School as safe as possible. 

“I love working at Pueblo,” Herrera said. “I love the monitors here—they’re a great group of dedicated workers. As I love and respect this school, I expect to receive the same from them.”

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