Future Wildcats Honored At Assembly

By Emely Villanueva

On Thursday, Sept. 28, Pueblo High School seniors were treated to an assembly to celebrate their acceptance to the University of Arizona. At that time, 63 Warriors had applied and been accepted.

Among the 63 seniors was Aritza Nuñez, who found out she had been accepted to the U of A earlier in September.

“It’s surreal that I’ll be attending the University of Arizona,” Nuñez said. “I’m glad that I’ll be in good condition when I start my college career next fall as so many of my friends will be with me.”

Students who were accepted to the U of A had an opportunity to see different programs and centers at the U of A. The Guerrero and SALT Center, Financial Aid Office, Housing Office, and the Frank Honors college as well as many other organizations offered information for future Wildcats.

Seniors were also given many “goodies” from their U of A admission counselor, which included a tote bag. Students were also able to receive lanyards and candies. Students were free to snap pictures with different U of A props and their friends and family. This event was orchestrated by College and Career Center coordinator Mr. Manuel Avala-Miranda and the U of A Admissions Office.

Since late September, approximately 30 other Pueblo students have been accepted to the University of Arizona, said Avila-Miranda.

“Another 100 or so seniors have applied to the U of A,” he added, “and we’re working on getting even more students to apply.”

He added, “I feel very proud of students who have decided to apply to Ivy League colleges and universities because I believe all students have the potential to apply to top-tier learning institutions. It makes me feel proud for students to discover their potential and confidence, and those students can represent our community and go on to make a bigger positive impact in our society from earning their college degrees.”

Ms. Victoria Leon, one of the Next Steps advisors at the University of Arizona, said, “We’re all so happy to know that even more students are applying to the University and other colleges. This reflects Pueblo’s College and Career goal of having 99.99 percent of students having a plan for post-secondary educational goals—whether it be at a college or a trade school. We’re here to help students choose the right path.”

Paola Salazar, currently ranked number one in her PHS senior class, found out she was accepted to the University of Arizona in mid-August.

“Even though I’m a senior, it doesn’t seem possible that I’ll be in college in less than a year,” said Salazar.

She added that she is flattered to have been accepted to the University of Arizona but is keeping her collegiate options open, including Ivy League colleges on the East Coast.

“I haven’t signed anything in ink yet,” Salazar said, “but I’ve always loved the U of A.”

Ms. Ramirez Strikes Again: Becoming An Author

By Alexis Vargas

As a mother of two sons, a beloved teacher, and owner of Calle Coffee, Ms. Celisa Ramirez is now fulfilling her dream of being an author.

She said that her book is about grief and a certain club, and one enters this worst club in the world.

“When I was 17 years old, the day before my senior year of high school started, my mom unexpectedly passed away,” Ramirez said.

Since her loss, Ramirez has been moved to help those enduring a similar hardship in their life because it is what she feels she needed to do during that time.

“My new goal is to have my book written by the 20th anniversary of my mother’s death,” Ramirez said. “I’ve written part of it, but I still have to have my nana, who is a published author, read it because she’s my peer editor.”

Ramirez said that her students have been her biggest inspiration and a constant motivation to continue working on the project.

Over her years as a teacher, Ramirez said that she loves offering advice to her students who are lacking the confidence to begin their own aspirations.

Ramirez said, “You can be more than one thing. All the parts of you matter, even the parts that you are not very proud of. What happened to me wasn’t anything I wanted to happen, but I’m trying to make something positive from my own traumatic experiences.”

Welcome, Ms. Levine, To Pueblo!

By Alexis Vargas & Emely Villanueva

Pueblo’s English department’s most recent addition, Ms. Lisa Levine, has been enjoying her time as a Warrior thus far, helping to inspire freshmen and sophomores with her love of reading.

Levine’s expertise in various genres of literature can be attributed to her history in the pursuit of higher education.

“I received my bachelor’s degree in comparative literature at University of California, [Berkeley] and a master’s degree at the University of Arizona in creative writing,” she said.

As her passion for writing developed, so did her desire to teach and she began in 2000 as a part-time profession.

“I taught part-time until 2014, and then I started teaching full-time,” Levine said. “In addition to teaching English, I’ve taught reading intervention, all subjects to fourth graders including some creative writing and humanities.”

Living in Sierra Vista, Calif. and New York for job opportunities, moving to Pueblo has been an adjustment for Levine as she describes the connections she has made as “meaningful”.

“[My move to Tucson has been] different,” Levine said. “The people here are amazing! Based on the students I’ve met this school year, I would say my main goal is to generate to students more love of reading and a feeling for what reading can do in their lives.”

New Senior Counselor ‘Digs’ His New Position

By Jose Jovel & Estevan Alvarado

Mr. Jose Alvarez joins Pueblo High School’s staff as the senior class counselor with the weight of their success on his shoulders and much to do in his new position.

Alvarez comes to Pueblo equipped not only with years of high school counseling experience but experience as a clinician and American Southwest archeologist.

“I felt welcomed immediately,” Alvarez said. “Pueblo is different and unique, and I recognized immediately that this school has its own special culture and personality—not to mention a rich community.”

Just before students arrived for the new school year, Alvarez suffered an accident in the auditorium, and he suffered a concussion and whiplash. Nine weeks later, he is still receiving treatment for this incident.

“In spite of the accident, I’ve been working as best as I can at my own pace,” Alvarez said. “If it hadn’t been for the concussion, I would be more caught up with work.”

After several weeks of constant schedule changes for seniors, Alvarez said that he is finally breathing a sigh of relief.

“It has been challenging adjusting seniors’ schedules and to ensure that they are on paths of success,” he said. “There’s no room to make mistakes with students—especially with seniors earning the necessary credits to graduate in May.”

As for the future, Alvarez said he plans to make Pueblo his “second home” and to continue to monitor his seniors’ destiny to graduate in eight months.

He also has a personal connection to Pueblo; Alvarez’ son, Gabriel “Escorpión” Alvarez, is a student here at Pueblo and a member of Mariachi Aztlán.

Ms. Kelly: Welcome to PHS!

by Alyvette Moreno

Ms. MaryAnne Kelly joins Pueblo High School this 2023-24 school year as the new college algebra teacher.

Kelly previously taught at University High School but chose to transition to PHS for the opportunity to teach dual enrollment class, giving students the chance to earn college credit.

Although she is new to Pueblo this is hardly Kelly’s first year as a teacher.

“This is my 39th year teaching,” Kelly said, “but coming to a new school is exciting and challenging.”

She added, “I hope my legacy at Pueblo is that people will remember me fondly and really learn math,” Kelly said.

Kelly comes to Pueblo with an impressive collegiate record…

She has earned many degrees from multiple schools including a Bachelor’s of Arts, a Bachelor’s of Science, a Post Bachelor’s Degree in Math/Science Education, a Master’s in Education, a Graduate Certificate in ED Media, and a certificate in Community College Teaching (Math)—from various colleges, including the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.

She said that she will be attending online classes studying abstract algebra at the University of Northern Colorado.

Kelly said that she felt the magic of Pueblo High School from the very beginning and added, “My students are personable and don’t give up, and I look forward to teaching math to all of them.”

Ms. Hancock Feeling ‘At Home’ At Pueblo

by Jose Nagore & Julian Tellez

Kalen Hancock

Coming all the way from Tennessee, Ms. Kalen Hancock has joined the Pueblo faculty family as the new science teacher, replacing former teacher Ms. Melissa Espindola who left last spring to pursue another college degree in Chicago, Ill.

Hancock’s classroom, Room 166, may be isolated from most of the other science classes, but she admitted she has felt “an extraordinary” community feel from PHS students and teachers.

“Moving to Pueblo truly felt refreshing,” Hancock. “I love seeing new people and moving into new places. It makes life more exciting. Everybody has been so welcoming to me from the very beginning.”

Hancock earned a degree in social engineering and chemistry, which she said will benefit her students and will support her endeavors as an educator.

“Being at Pueblo this year feels like being a young teacher again,” she said. “I have a lot to teach students here.”

Hancock said that she is proud to report that she has not dealt with any negative student behaviors.

“It’s been nothing but fun so far,” she said. “I have a positive learning environment, and I believe that this trend is going to continue throughout the school year.”

She added, “I love this school’s culture! Everybody is kind, and I just love how immersive the culture is between students and teachers.”