Pueblo Radio & Amateur Astronomy Club

The Pueblo Radio and Amateur Astronomy Club is now full functioning.  A website was developed to demonstrate their involvement in “slewing” professional telescopes in Norway, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands, New Mexico, Chile, Hawaii and Australia.

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Jhovana Peralta, Yaritza Martinez-Cano, Marcus Nesbitt and Mylene Martinez are the “sky pioneers” at Pueblo.  They will shortly begin taking images of faraway places and events.  They have seen their first picture of a black hole consuming neighboring galaxies; how many of us will ever be able to say that?

Pueblo Radio & Amateur Astronomy Club
Pueblo Radio & Amateur Astronomy Club

In addition, NASA has sent links to recently-developed space websites that are all in Spanish!  The club is communicating with the Universidad Tecnologica Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico City to create a sharing of space images and resources to help our students become better consumers of space and wireless technologies.

Academic Decathlon Regional Competition 2009

Academic Decathlon Team 2008-2009
Academic Decathlon Team 2008-2009

It was an amazing weekend for our Scholar Warriors, full of high hopes and heartbreak…  Unfortunately we did not make the cut for state competition (we missed it by only 704 points, which translates roughly into getting just 2 more questions right per student) this year but we did make some tremendous progress.  This is a very young team (1 senior, 2 juniors, and 6 sophomores) so I am expecting great things for them next year.  Please congratulate the following team members for their admirable performance this weekend:

  • Michael Dedrick – Scholastic scored 6069
  • Samantha VanCamp – Scholastic scored 5168
  • Abigail Cota – Varsity scored 5136
  • Melissa Shaw – Varsity scored 4607
  • Derek Gunnels – Honors scored 4587
  • Gabriel Garcia – Scholastic scored 4528
  • Rafael Garcia – Honors scored 4307
  • Jerrilynn Kincade – Honors scored 4238
  • Patricia Rojo – Varsity scored 3952
  • Jasmine Magdaleno – Alternate

As you can see Michael Dedrick did an amazing job this weekend!  He scored a bronze medal in the Social Science event and placed 8th overall in the Scholastic category.  In addition he was in the top ten for all ten events in his category.  He placed 5th in Economics, 6th in Art, 7th in Super Quiz (the topic this year was Evolutionary Biology), and 8th in Essay.

Abigail Cota, our only senior this year, also did very well.  She placed 7th in her category in Language and Literature, Social Science, and Mathematics.  In addition she placed 12th overall in the Varsity category.  She also raised her score from last year by over a thousand points.

Some other notable mentions include Melissa Shaw and Patricia Rojo.  Melissa placed 9th in her category in both Economics and Mathematics.  Patricia placed 8th in her category in Mathematics.

Academic Decathlon LogoAs a team we placed 13th this year in our region.  Last year we placed 20th out of 27 schools.  Our team score in 2008 was 26,504.  This year we scored 29,871, an increase of 3,367 points.  In terms of our overall state ranking, last year we were 73rd out of 94 schools in Arizona.  This year we ranked 48th out of 90 schools.

This is an amazing group of students who have put in countless hours studying and working with some very difficult material.  If you see them roaming the campus, babbling on about Darwin or Fridha Kahlo or opportunity costs or the Spanish conquest, take a moment to congratulate them.  They really deserve it! 

Thank you for all of your support this year,
Kathryn Gunnels

Pueblo Robotics Club Wins Tournament

Robotics Asylum Club
Robotics Asylum Club

The Pueblo High Robotics Club, know as Robotic Asylum, wins Arizona Vex Robotics Tournament at Sahuarita High School on Saturday, January 17, 2009. 

The team also won the Judges Award, given to a rookie team that overcame the most challenges to participate with professionalism. 

After 18 qualification round the team hung tough…being flipped over and parts falling off, we squeaked into the Final Rounds. 

Teamed with Continental Middle School (another rookie team) as the blue team, the challenge was huge to pull off a win against the other more experienced teams. 


Teamwork & strategy work very well in the final rounds for blue alliance. The Continental Middle School Colts quietly scored goals while the Pueblo K9 robot aggressively blocked & took away points while scoring.

When the dust settled from the nail biting finals, our team went undefeated!

[Check Out The Video]

[Read Article In Arizona Daily Star]

[Via Herman Lathrop]

Janos Southside 2008

Janos Southside

For  the last eight years, the Los Amigos Club transforms their classroom into Janos Southside. They cater an exquisite meal to students, parents, faculty and staff as a club fundraiser. From the door greeter to the cashier, your are always treated with a smile.

How was your experience at this years event? Please leave a comment.

Tour De Tucson 2008

Road Warriors at the Finish Line
Road Warriors at the Finish Line

Every year our Road Warriors participate in the Tour de Tucson. We were well represented in this years race on November 22, with two groups participating in the 33-mile and 66-mile start lines. Pueblo students and teachers trained together for this event by organizing weekend bike rides.

As one of the few high schools that take part in this Tucson event, we are proud of all of you that represented Pueblo High by completing your route.

Road Warriors starting at the 66-mile Line
Road Warriors starting at the 66-mile Line

Well done Road Warriors, we look forward to cheering for you next year…