Pueblo Takes 1st Place At UA Trebuchet Competition

Pueblo science students took 1st place at the 1st Annual Trebuchet Competition at UA on Sunday October 30th sponsored by Raytheon, MESA, and the Physics Factory.  Warriors competed and beat teams including Salpointe and adult engineers.

Pueblo trebuchet fired 98 meters hitting target  dead-on on second attempt.  1st attempt was only 3 feet off.

Pueblo Warriors Trebuchet Winning Rig

Competition was to design, construct and fire a trebuchet (gravity-powered catapult) for distance and accuracy.  Competition took place on the UA Mall where over ten teams competed from various schools and groups including Salpointe Catholic High and a team of professional engineers.

Teams were given four shots (2 for distance and 2 for accuracy.)  Pueblo’s range was around 100 meters.  Despite having the option of pulling target back in to have a better chance of accuracy as most teams did, Team Pueblo was so sharp that they set their target at the maximum distance they fired previously and still hit the 7 foot by 5 foot target dead center 98 meters away. This is the length of about a football field! Here’s a short video of winning shot:

A big crowd gathered at the UA Mall and the team definitely represented Pueblo well.

No team was more efficient in setting up and launching within the 3 minute time limit than Pueblo.  No team showed more spirit than Pueblo.  No team showed the most character in helping other teams than Pueblo.  No team deserved the win more than Pueblo.

Pueblo Warriors Trebuchet Team

Student participants were:

Maricela Bravo (Freshman), Cecilia Machado (Freshman), Zelin Pallanes (Freshman), Raul Ballesteros (Junior), Rafael Lopez (Junior), Aaron Barrera (Junior), Rodger Seratt (Junior), Bill DeLaRosa (Senior) & Arthur Hernandez (Senior).

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.  Special thanks goes to Diane and Mark Bouchard for financial, carpentry, and engineering support.

[Story compiled by Jim Uomoto]