Construction Of New Entryway & Marquee

The planned construction of the new entryway and marquee on 12th Avenue has started. Construction crews broke ground on June 23rd with removal of fencing and asphalt. We are very excited for the new look on 12th Avenue.

Contruction on 12th Avenue

Follow the entire process in our: New Marquee Photo Gallery

We will post video of the finished project once construction is complete.

First Glimpse At New Marquee

We just received the first concept artwork from the architect who took all of the Marquee Committee’s suggestions and created a spec for it.

It’s in black and white, but it give us an idea of what will be constructed on 12th Avenue.

Architect drawing of Marquee Committee's suggestions

What do you think Warriors?

Pueblo Entry Way Project: Gateway Sign

As part of the realignment project of the entry way on 12th Avenue, Pueblo will be getting a new entry sign on the east pedestrian entryway. Here is a concept design of what it will look like:

New Pueblo Entry Way

The student body and staff is excited about the upcoming changes to the entrance of Pueblo. At the time of this posting Pueblo had raised $42,540 for a new marquee. Thank you to all who donated!

As the City Of Tucson provides more information on the realignment project, we will post the updates on our blog. Look for the changes!

Help Us Get A New Marquee!

We have some exciting news! As part of a joint project with TUSD & Adjacent Ways, Pueblo has a unique opportunity to upgrade our marquee. Our current marquee would be replaced with a proposed re-alignment of our entry way to Pueblo scheduled for this summer. We will post more information on that project as it becomes available.

That project budgeted $22,000 to move our current marquee from its current location. Instead of using that funding to move our old marquee, Pueblo would need to raise a minimum of $14,000 by March 5th, 2010 to replace it with a more modern one. The Pueblo student body is very excited and determined to make this happen!

Replace Me
Help Us Upgrade Our Current Marquee On 12th Avenue


Anyone can make a tax credit donation in our Business Office!

Secured Credit Card Online Donation [Click Here For Instructions]

Check By Mail

The other option would be to send in your check made payable to Pueblo Magnet High School designated to the Marquee and mail to the Business Finance Office at Pueblo:

Pueblo Magnet High School
Attention: Business Finance Office (Marquee)
3500 S. 12th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85713

Please call 520.225.4402 for more information.

We can’t do this without your help!

Pueblo Track Is Being Resurfaced

Track Being Resurfaced - Click To Enlarge
Track Being Resurfaced - Click To Enlarge

Construction on our track facilities will officially begin today as construction crews bring in heavy equipment to football stadium.

Actual demolition work on the old track will begin on Monday, June 15.   The track will be resurfaced and construction and installation of new track facilities will occur during this scope of work.  The timeline for this project is estimated at between 75 to 90 days, depending on monsoon and weather conditions.

The crew will endeavor to finish the project as fast as they can.  During this time, no one is allowed onto the construction site except Pueblo grounds men who may need to do work in the area.  In a few months we will have a beautiful, new track for our Pueblo Warriors.

Check back for updates!