Pueblo Congratulates The Class Of ‘2021.5’

By Dayanara Gonzalez & Isaiah Sotelo

Like every school year, students come in as freshmen and graduate as seniors.

This school year, a handful of last semester’s seniors needed an extra four months to finalize their credit requirements before heading off into their next chapters of life.

Pueblo High School congratulates the following five students for their dedication and tenacity to earn their last few credits: Brian Soto Flores, Jason Daniel Cantua Beltran, George Cavin Molina, Miguel Alberto Perez and Juliana Eleanor Norris.

These five seniors will graduate on Dec. 16 along with other graduates across the district at a formal ceremony at Santa Rita High School at 6 p.m.

“I’m excited about graduating,” said Flores. “I’m looking forward to graduating because there were a few times I wanted to give up. Through a lot of self-dedication and encouragement from awesome teachers, I will be holding my diploma soon. I can then start my new life.”

For each of these five students, their adventure and commitment to graduate was a different story. Each student had his or her own obstacles to overcome and conquer.

“I might be graduating later than I had hoped, but sometimes other events intervene,” said Juliana Norris. “I just want to say that COVID-19 impacted a lot of people—especially me.”

Having a little more time than most seniors to ponder the future, all five of these graduates have definite plans for their futures.

George Molina

“I am committed to joining the Marines,” said George Molina. “I’m going to have a few months to prepare for this new adventure before heading off to bootcamp.” He added, “My plans are to eventually become an audio engineer.”

Flores said, “I hope to leave Tucson and head up to Phoenix and begin a new life there.”

As these five graduates are ready to venture out into their new worlds, they are not without gratitude for their teachers who pushed them to this golden moment.

“I want to thank Mr. Medhi for the last four years,” Flores said. “I’m glad I got to spend time in his classes, learning how to be a better writer. He allowed me to be myself, and he always supported my love of music and astrology.”

Class Of 2016 Winter Graduation


By Yamilex Garcia and Omar Quintana

Courtesy of TUSD

This semester, 12 potential Pueblo students will be marching to the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” at Catalina High School Auditorium on Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 6:00 p.m., along with all other December graduates in T.U.S.D.

Noah Kowaleski is one of those proud seniors who will be attending the ceremony.

“It’s about time that I graduate,” Kowaleski said. “LAZINESS and PROCRASTINATION—with capital letters—were my two best friends. Luckily, they moved away, far away, and I was able to focus on finishing my credits this semester.” He paused and said, “I plan to attend Pima next fall, after saving some money.”

Another senior on track to graduate, Hugo Reyes, said, “Noah [Kowaleski] and I had the same best friends last year—laziness and procrastination. Thank God these ‘friends’ moved, and I was able to stay on-task with my necessary classes and graduate.” He, too, said that he will attend Pima in the fall of 2017, eventually pursuing a degree in computer engineering.

Francisco Enriquez will be part of this ceremony, too. “My mom inspired me to finish. It was very important for her to watch me graduate because neither her nor my father graduated from high school. I also want to be an inspiration to my younger siblings. They should be able to see their older brother graduate from high school.”

Enrique paused and said that he plans to attend Pima Community College to pursue a career as a medical assistant. “I want to help others—it’s important that I fulfill this commitment,” he said.

The Pueblo Community holds out its hands to shake these students who have committed to graduating as Warriors, and we wish them the best of luck in their prodigious futures. The following 12 Pueblo students are potential December graduates:

Jose Manuel Aguirre Jr., Manuel Iram Burruel Leon, Danny Jesse Carpio, Francisco Ismael Enriquez Gonzalez, Irma Aide Garcia Corona, Cristian Garcia Del Villar, Giselle Mariscal, Noah Gabriel Montaño Kowaleski, Eathann Ahlexys Puentes, Hugo Reyes Jr., David Sanchez Figueroa & Alejandro Noel Selis.