Mr. Warrior Pageant 2017: Elegant As Usual

By Summer Romero

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2017 Contestants.

On Feb. 10, 2017, Pueblo held is 6th annual Mr. Warrior Pageant for senior males to show the judges what they got.

Contestants had to endure four different events to prove to judges why they should be Mr. Warrior. They were graded all on a scale from one through five (with “five” being the highest).

The originator of the Mr. Warrior Pageant, counselor Mrs. Teresa Toro, said, “They boys went through four major events. First—contestants were judged on a “strike a pose” dance routine; then, the boys had to “survive” a “swimsuit cat walk”; thirdly, each contestant had to show off one of their talents; and, lastly, each participated in the “Gala” event—that is, presenting their female escort with a thoughtful gift; the boys were required to wear tuxedos!

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2017 Escorts

The pageant is also a fundraiser—to help seniors raise money for their senior gift as well as to award a senior a $500 scholarship. This year, because of all of the money raised, two scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors.

The four finalists were faced with a pageant question to end the competition; according to Mrs. Toro, whoever answered it the best—evaluated by the judges—won the pageant.

The winner of the 6th Annual Mr. Warrior Pageant…? None other than Manuel Enrique Navarro, who won two free tickets to Prom, a free tuxedo rental and an Olive Garden restaurant gift card.

“I love Olive Garden,” Navarez said.  He paused and said, “Honestly, winning was a total surprise, but I’m not going to lie—it felt good to win. Like, whoa! I’m Mr. Warrior!”

Video of entire show:

Mariachi Aztlán Travels, Performs In Palm Springs With Pink Martini

America Cardenas Pueblo El Guerrero

By América Cárdenas

On January 31, 2016, eighteen students from Pueblo’s Mariachi Aztlán mariachi group, including several chaperones and teacher Mr. John Contreras, ventured to Palm Springs, CA, as an opening act for the group, Pink Martini, a pop jazz and Latin/lounge musical group from Portland, OR, that is traveling around the country.

Mariachi Aztlan De Pueblo with Pink Martini

The three-day trip began on Sunday, January 31, at 6:00 a.m., driving straight through to Palm Springs, a five-hour trip from Tucson. Most students slept on the bus, but perked up once they arrived at the hotel.

One member of the Mariachi Aztlán, senior Daniel Motley, said, “Once we got to the motel, we all woke up quickly. My favorite part of the trip was being able to share the stage with Pink Martini and learning a few of their songs.”

Mariachi Aztlán performed four times during this trip, and each performance was slightly different because the group played in different areas.

Rafael Miranda, another senior, said “In order to prepare for the Pink Martini Performances, I practiced throughout the entire year. I also listen to their recordings over and over.”

Senior Jaret Young said, “A member of Pink Martini who really influenced me was Miguel Bernal. He was very open and humble. He told me about his life in Cuba and how he told his family about me and the mariachi. He also offered me free Conga lessons. Another influential member of the group was Phil Baker. He wrote down music for me and offered me free bass lessons in Oregon.”

Mariachi teacher Mr. John Contreras said he was contacted by Pink Martini’s management over the winter break. They said that Pueblo’s mariachi group had been recommended as one of the student groups that excelled in Tucson by the manager of the Rialto Theatre, Curtis McCrary, who had dealt with Pueblo’s mariachi group in various capacities over the part of the 10-15 years.

“One of the members of Pink Martini found some YouTube footage of Mariachi Aztlán, and they liked what they saw,” Contreras said. “They invited us to perform a couple of their songs with them and possibly open the show for them, and that was the way we were put in contact with them.”

Several members of Mariachi Aztlán were interviewed by local news reporters in Palm Springs, who happened to attend the performances.

Senior Yajaira Othon said, “All of the experiences this weekend truly were magnificent! Pink Martini’s band members and their audience were extremely supportive and very nice. This three-day weekend ranks in one of my favorite moments in my high school years.”

‘Legend’ Themes Dominate Spirit Week


By Kenya Acosta and América Cárdenas

Folklorico Los Guerreros De Pueblo Perform At Spirit Assembly

Spirit week, Nov. 30 through Dec. 4, featured the following themes: Monday was Legends of Myths and Tales; Tuesday was Legends of the Screen, Wednesday was Legends of Arcade, and Thursday was Legends of Music. Friday’s theme, Lost in Time, definitely was an original way to end this spirit week.

Last Friday, freshmen were sporting their disco gear inspired by the 1970’s music genre. Sophomores wore their hippy clothes, inspired by the 1960’s. Juniors showed off their neon to represent the 1980’s. Lastly, but not least, our seniors boasted the famous greaser-inspired look from the 1950’s.

Pueblo Guitar Plays National Anthem

The assembly was initiated with a rocked-out version of The Star Spangled Banner performed by three members of the guitar club.

Winter sports teams were spotlighted during the assembly, as well as several academic clubs, including Anatomy and the Anime Club.

The Mr. Pueblo Warrior Pageant contestants revealed their escorts for the upcoming pageant early next semester.

Senior Sal Varela, who is a participant in the Mr. Pueblo Warrior Pageant, revealed that his escort will be senior Pamela Soto.

Class of 2018 Sophomores Showing Spirit

“I’m ecstatic about being part of this event,” Varela said., “even though I know that I’m going to win because I’m beautiful.”

Folklorico dancers also graced the assembly, dressed in their complete costumes.

Another highlight of the assembly was announcing our Warrior seniors who have been accepted to the University of Arizona.

Class or 2016 Seniors Accepted To The University Of Arizona

One of those students was Jovanna Jiminez. She said, “I’ve known for a while that I was accepted to the U of A, but the recognition that I received at the assembly was really exciting and at last made it official.”

During the first and last 20 minutes, many students saw a drone hovering around Lever Gym—all courtesy of Mr. Ernesto Somoza and his Communication Media Technology class. Two students in the class, Andrew Romero, freshman, and Luis Castanada, sophomore, trained after school to fly the drone from 3:30 to 6 p.m. for an entire week, leading up to the assembly.

“The drone is now used to take videos and pictures,” Somoza said. “Currently, students are creating a video that will be used in an effort as a recruiting tool for future Pueblo students.”

The assembly ended with our Pueblo band performing “Chop Suey”, and Color Guard danced, successfully ending another highly-spirited assembly.

Homecoming 2015: You Should Have Been There (If You Weren’t)

America Cardenas Pueblo El Guerrero Sandra Iniguez El Guerrero Pueblo 2015



By América Cárdenas and Sandra Iniguez

Anticipation, excitement and school pride filled the halls of Pueblo during Spirit Week, which began on Monday, September 21—and progressed to Pueblo’s homecoming night on Friday, September 25.

Our mighty Warriors showed their Pueblo Pride in the wide-spread participation of spirit week festivities. These included Slumber Party Day, Dynamic Duo Day, Disney Day, Tropical Day, and Straight Outta Pueblo Day. Throughout this week, there were many games during lunch in which each class was given the opportunity to gain spirit points.

Our school’s pride continued in the Lever Gym for the first spirit assembly of the year.

“The assembly was great, all four of the classes really brought their school spirit,” said senior Kevin Valdez.

After extensive recognition of clubs and academic success around campus, the winners of the spirit assembly were determined. The seniors seized the victory.

“The assembly was different from the others because everyone actually participated,” said senior Candelaria Guerrero. “Even the freshmen were trying to win.”

Pueblo High School Homecoming Night 2015 Cheer
Warrior Cheer getting the crowd going.

The day came to a beautiful end as the homecoming game approached. Clubs lined up with different items to sell in order to raise money at our annual Homecoming Tailgate Party. The bleachers filled up with anxious spectators who waited for the football game to begin.

Pueblo Magnet High School hosted its jubilant 60th Anniversary of its homecoming football game on Friday, September  25, 2015. The Warrior football team’s homecoming victory over the Douglas Bulldogs, with a final score of 48-0, was perhaps the team’s most dramatic win on homecoming night in many years.

Pueblo High School Homecoming Night 2015 Football
Warrior Football dominated the entire game.

The Warriors dominated the football game throughout the evening and refused to let the Bulldogs score even once! Pueblo’s very own senior Justin Pledger received Jack in the Box Player of the Week for KVOA Channel 4.

“We played more as a team against Douglas, and we are coming together as a family,” Pledger said. “I feel like I’m contributing to the team and doing my best to take us to the playoffs.”

There were plenty of homecoming tailgate activities that Pueblo clubs offered. There was a variety of food choices and games throughout the night from which students and alumni could choose.

Pueblo High School Homecoming Night 2015 Band
Warrior Marching Band entertained throughout the night.

“Homecoming was a major success!” exclaimed senior Bernadette Romero, “It was super fun to raise money for our clubs, and it was great to see our football team experience such a victorious win!”

During halftime of the football game, our fall 2015 homecoming king and queen of Pueblo Magnet High School were crowned: Emmanuel Buelna and Daniella Contreras.

Pueblo High School Homecoming Night 2015 Royalty
2015 King & Queen

Homecoming King Emmanuel Buelna said, “I’m humbled by the votes that I received from my fellow peers in my senior class. I was genuinely surprised that I was crowned king!”

Homecoming Queen Daniella Contreras said, “I was shocked that I won! This was the first time that I did something out of character. I’m shy, and I broke out of my shell during campaign week.” She added, “I usually stay away from big crowds, but this experience allowed me to gain a lot of new friends.”

We can’t wait for Homecoming Night 2016!

10 Warriors Advance In Season 4 Of ‘The Voice’ Competition

By Gabriela Gastelum

Top 10 Finalists from Season 4 of Pueblo's The Voice

The Fiesta Warriors Club hosted Season 4 of “The Voice” at Pueblo Magnet High School on Friday, March 6. The first round of this competition was the Elimination Show.  About 25 participants showed up to perform a 1-2 minute song; afterwards, judges selected the top 10 finalists.

After the top 10 finalists were picked, one contestant was picked by audience members who will come back and compete with all the other contestants.

According to many of this year’s participants, the contest this year was challenging because of all of the talent. In the end, only 10 will advance to the second and final round which will be held on Friday, March 27.

The finalists will be the following students: Jaciana Fimbres, Yasmine Durazo, Julissa Dominguez, Belinda Arvizu, Destiny Olea, Selisa Bravo, Gabriel Salazar, Perla Lopez, Santos Barbosa and Esmeralda Gallego.

According to Mr. Adalberto Rodriguez, who sponsors this event, the show was a success in the first round. Tickets sold for $5.00, and according to Rodriguez, if audience members keep their ticket stub from the first performance, they will be admitted free to the March 27 show.

Free Super Bowl Tickets For Lucky Warrior!

By Gabriela Gastelum and Isaac Montiel

Cesar Rivera surprised with Superbowl tickets!

Our very own Warrior, senior Cesar Rivera, was totally surprised with Super Bowl XLIX (49) tickets—as well as vouchers for transportation costs.

Comcast NBC Universal and The Boys and Girls Club of Tucson teamed to make one deserving member’s dream come true with two tickets to the Super Bowl; and, on Friday, Jan. 16, that lucky person was Cesar Rivera.

Rivera said, “I was just sitting in the background waiting to get interviewed until a guy just came up to me with two tickets telling me that I’m going to the Super Bowl. Of course, without any hesitations, I said ‘YES!’” He paused and added, “With my other ticket, I took my dad.”

Rivera said that the two-hour trip to Glendale, Ariz., was very “adventurous”—in fact, he said, “ “It was sick!”, referring to his intense enthusiasm for the experience.

“I met so many NFL players such as Larry Fitzgerald, Odell Beckham, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick.”

Cesar Rivera met some of his favorite players at the Superbowl

Rivera said that he and his father left Tucson on the Thursday before the Super Bowl and returned home on Monday, the day after the event.

“My dad and I took a tour of the Cardinal football field,” Rivera said, “and then we went tailgating before heading to the big game. We were seated near the [Seattle] Seahawks’ end zone, although there were a lot of [New England] Patriots fans around me.” Rivera said, “I even got to see the fight that went down between the two teams!”

Rivera said that despite all of the excitement he experienced, the most amazing moment was being in the front row seats to the NFL honors show.

“It’s like being at the Grammy’s,” Rivera said. “But instead of music, great NFL players were being honored.”

He added, “Since it was my first time attending the honors award show, I didn’t know we were supposed to be dressed fancy, so my dad and I went right away to rent some neat tuxedos.”

Cesar Rivera will never forget Superbowl XLIX