Medhi Wins December 2023 ‘Bake-Off’

By Desiree Noriega

Once again, Pueblo High School’s faculty had an opportunity to boast their delectable creations; last quarter, the competition was “chips and salsa”, and this time around, on Dec. 14, faculty members showcased their favorite baked goods in the “December Bake-Off”.

This contest’s winner, journalism teacher Mr. Rana Medhi, entered his “pineapple upside-down cheesecake” dessert.

“Not to sound overly confident, but I knew I’d win,” Medhi said. “This dessert is a family recipe that has been passed down through the generations. It wins at every competition.”

Math teacher Ms. Taylor Pacheco, said, “I think Mr. Medhi’s dessert should not have won for having to replace the whipped cream.”

Pacheco’s dessert, “Oreo Balls”, won second place.

Third-place winner, librarian Ms. Marsha-Jean Burrola, said, “I’ve seen better days.”

Burrola’s dessert was truffles.

MTTS Coordinator, Ms. Brenda Levinson-McCune, organized this event, although she said that it was Ms. Karla Martinez’ (assistant principal) idea to have a faculty “Bake-Off” before the end of the semester.

“This contest was to celebrate the holidays, but it was a bit of a struggle with everybody so busy with the end of the semester and preparing for Christmas,” Levinson-McCune said.

She added that she will continue these food competitions next semester.

“I’d like to organize at least two more contests this school year,” she said. “I would like to have themed contests, but I’m still brainstorming ideas for future events like this.”

Pueblo Faculty: Sweet All Over

By Celestina Marinez

Pueblo teachers stop by to judge the yummy desserts.

Just in time for the holidays, Ms. Sarah Barnes has continued the trend of sponsoring a taste-testing contest for Pueblo’s faculty and staff. The name of this timely event, “Desserts in the Desert”, truly lived up to its name—with a dozen or so contestants vying for a first place win for their home-made tasty treats, ranging from toffee bars to cupcakes to “specialized” cakes and other confectionery concoctions.

On Wednesday, December 5, during both lunches, several dozen members of the Pueblo community participated in judging their favorite two desserts. The top three winners were announced later in the day at teachers’ professional development meeting at 2:30 p.m.

The first place winner was psychology and math teacher Ms. Hannah Yoder; she won for her scrumptious “chocolate toffee croissant rolls”.

The one dollar entry fee from tasters added up to $48.

Yoder received a $20 gift card, and she plans to use the money for “date night”.

“I was very excited to learn that I had won first place,” Yoder said. “I was very surprised to be chosen among all of those great entries!”

“There were some truly decadent entries this time around,” Barnes said, “and it was a lot of fun to see people eating these treats.”

Ms. Sarah Barnes

Barnes said that she will continue to host this event because “it brings Pueblo’s faculty and staff a little closer, especially at a time when everybody is so busy.”

She added that she would like to host at least one more of these tasty events next semester and encourages the faculty to help her come up with new ideas and themes.

Campus Monitor Nellie, Ms. Bonillas ‘Hot’ Winners In Salsa Contest


By Emiliano Rodriguez and Juan Romero-Ruiz

Ms. Sarah Barnes, our learning support coordinator, has done it again—inspiring Pueblo’s staff members and faculty to compete against palatable entries. This time, she sponsored and organized a “Best Salsa” contest among our school’s faculty.

On Wednesday, Feb. 21—in early celebration of Rodeo Vacation—Barnes displayed all of the salsas from faculty and staff members.

This year, the 44 judges—consisting of several dozen staff members and even a few seniors—overwhelmingly chose the salsa concocted by campus security monitor Ms. Nellie Rivera for the “gold”; Folklorico and ELD teacher Ms. Carmen Bonillas received a “second place” award.

“I love cooking,” Rivera said. “It’s always fun for me. This contest was more than just a competition—it was a way for our faculty and staff to unite more often.”

She paused and said, “I don’t think I won—I think everyone won.”

Second-placer Ms. Carmen Bonillas said, “It’s not the ingredients that makes for a winning salsa—it’s all about the proportions.”

Bonillas added, “These kinds of contests are fun because we teachers sometimes need to just have fun.”

The good news is that every participant received at least a few votes, Barnes said.

“The non-winners all received certificates—as runners-ups in the contest,” Barnes said.

Both Rivera and Bonillas received gift cards.

On March 15, the day after the official “PI” Day (3.14), Barnes will host another contest among faculty and staff members: of course, pies! Normally, the pie contest would be on National Pi day, but because of the scheduled “March for Our Lives” event, Barnes said that the contest will be on Thursday.

She anticipates that she will have no shortage of judges for this one. Barnes herself said that she plans to enter this contest—although she’s keeping her entry a secret.