2011 HOSA Spring Leadership Conference

On Thursday and Friday, April 14 and 15, seven Pueblo Biomedical (Biotechnology) students attended the HOSA Spring Leadership Conference at the Doubletree Hotel in Tucson.

The following students placed in the top 5 of their event:

Brian Bishop: 4th Medical Math

Tricia Hindley: 4th Biotechnology

Karla Placencio: 3rd Dental Terminology

Carlos Ramirez: 1st Epidemiology

Christina Verdugo: 4th Human Growth & Development

Other students that competed were: John Woods & Gabrielle Reid

Biomedical Students at HOSA Spring Leadership Conference

This was a statewide competition and our Warriors did very well! Congratulations to all that participated.

HOSA Biotechnology Conference 2010

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) Biotechnology students participated in the HOSA Spring Leadership Conference at the Doubletree Hotel from April 14 to 16.

Our students were great these past two days. They were polite, articulate, and full of Pueblo Pride.

Pueblo Biotechnology Students

Carlos Ramirez was elected Secondary Vice President of HOSA for the Southern region of Arizona. We have a state officer. This position required a speech and question and answer period. He ran successfully against the current HOSA HIstorian from Sunnyside. Carlos was wonderful.

Nine students attended the State Leadership Conference. Most had to be in the top 20 in the state after an online test in February.

Biotechnology Story
In Biotechnology, 95 students took the online test. Michael Dedrick was 5th, and Tricia Hindley was 9th. On Thursday both participated in the skills competitions. The two skills were microscopy and culturing bacteria. Today the final results were announced.

In the Arizona State HOSA Biotechnology competition, Michael placed second, and earned a trip to Nationals (Orlando), and Tricia placed 5th.

In the following competitions, students worked almost exclusively on their own, since these subjects were not explicitly covered in the biotech curriculum:

Jeffery/Brian Bishop- Medical Math
Cynthia Lona- Human Growth and Development
Hector Mendoza- Prepared Persuasive Speech
Carlos Ramirez- Epidemiology
Patrick Swindell, Gilberto Valenzuela, and Christian Vasquez- Creative Problem Solving Team

Students earned 4 medals:
Gold: Carlos Ramirez
Silver: Jeffery/Brian Bishop
Silver: Michael Dedrick
Silver: Hector Mendoza

They all qualify for Nationals.

Biotech Students Learn Sterile Technique

Sam Gomez of the Tucson Medical Center stopped by Pueblo to provide some hands on training on sterile technique to some of our Biotechnology students.

In sterile technique, only sterile surfaces touch other sterile surfaces and exposure to the air is kept to a minimum.

Sterile Technique Training
Tricia & Michael practice how to put gloves on practicing sterile technique

Tricia Hindley and Michael Dedrick need to learn this technique for their upcoming Biotechnology competition for HOSA. We’ll keep you updated on how they do.

We are so appreciative of Mr. Gomez’s expertise and commitment to our students.

Biotechnology Student Practicing Sterile Technique

(Via Andrew Lettes)