Mr. William Richards ‘Drawn’ To Magnet Position


By Yamilex Garcia


Former biology teacher Mr. William Richards joins the administrative staff as the new magnet coordinator following in the position of Ms. Laura Gallegos who retired last school year.

The magnet coordinator is responsible for recruiting students to Pueblo from other areas of Tucson in an effort to balance the ethnicities at Pueblo.

“One thing that I’m going to try to do is have more communication with magnet and culturally relevant teachers so that we can work together to be more effective with our magnet plan,” said Richards.

He added that thus far he enjoys the challenge of this new position and feels confident that within time he will make a colossal difference at Pueblo.

“I miss teaching and the bonds with my students,” said Richards. “However, I feel that I can make just as much of an impact outside of the classroom and put Pueblo on the map regarding its magnet status.”

Mario Matanza Accepts New Position


By Lya Thurston

Mario Matanza

Many of us know Mr. Mario Matanza as Pueblo’s girls’ volleyball coach, but this year he is also the school’s new communication liaison.

He was offered the job by our principal Dr. Augustine Romero and gladly accepted this position.

“I felt that I was perfect for the job,” Matanza said. “It’s vital to keep the communication between parents and the students and faculty open at all times.”

He explained that his new job primarily consists of trying to engage our community—especially the parents—in school activities.

Matanza explained  that many students do not take full advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them.

“My advice to all students is to explore all of the opportunities that are available to you here at Pueblo,” Matanza said. “There are excellent resources that will help all students in any situation.”

Welcome Back, Ms. Tiffany Mendibles-Muñoz!


By Nayeli Sanchez

At the beginning of this new 2016-17 school year, Pueblo welcomed back a former teacher (who also completed her student-teaching here): Ms. Tiffany Mendibles-Muñoz. This year, she is teaching senior and junior-level English classes.

Before returning to Pueblo, Mendibles was working at Changemaker High School. She said she missed Pueblo and really wanted to return here so that she could teach “culturally relevant” courses.

As a co-sponsor of MEChA, (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan), which connects to the culturally relevant courses, Mendibles-Muñoz said that she believes that beginning her kick-classes reading the poem, In the Lak’ach, written by Luís Valdez, helps to motivate her students.

This poem, which translates to “You are my other me”, is a “great” philosophy that grounds her classroom and minimizes classroom management problems, she said.


“[Pueblo] students are amazing,” Mendibles added. “They’re so open to my teaching philosophy.”

Mendibles also added that it felt good to give back to the community she grew up around, and she said that she hopes to stay here for a long time.

“Pueblo is a community filled with love,” she said. “Stepping away for two years opened my eyes to the beauty that lies within the school. I have the privilege of being part of this community, and it is something I will cherish as I embark on the journey of educating and empowering the youth.”

Pueblo Welcomes New Assistant Principal Jennifer Miller

By Noreli Marquez

Jennifer Miller New Assistant Pueblo High School

Pueblo Magnet High School welcomes Ms. Jennifer Miller, the new assistant principal for the 2016-17 school year, after the departure of Ms. Alma Carmona-Alday.

Ms. Miller is in charge of curriculum and instruction at Pueblo. One of her greatest joys is also advising students regarding their class schedules and selections.

“I don’t want students to be scared to ask me questions,” Miller said. “High school seems like a long time to students, but four years go by fast, so they really should not take school for granted.”

After graduating from University High School in 1995, Miller attended Arizona State University, and eventually transferred to the University of Arizona to pursue a business degree.

“I decided to come back to Tucson because the U of A had a better business school,” Miller said.

She began teaching elementary school—grades one, three and five at Booth-Fickett and Lawrence Elementary Schools. Later, she became a business and yearbook teacher at Palo Verde High School. Eventually, Miller earned a degree in education administration and became an assistant principal at Palo Verde for two years.

This is Miller’s third year as an administrator, and she said that she hopes to stay at Pueblo as long as she can.

One thing that she wants students to know is that she is approachable and that they can ask questions when they need help.

She added, “I want to learn all I can here at this wonderful Pueblo community. I’m truly excited to be here, and I just know it’s going to be an awesome year.”

Ms. Mandy McTavish: Welcome To Pueblo!


By Daniela Moreno

Ms. Mandy McTavish, our new Career and College Readiness Coordinator, can’t wait to help our Warrior student body get on the right path towards college and success.

mandy-mctavish-pueblo-college-career-readiness-coordinatorMcTavish has been counseling for eight years and reveals that she is very passionate about her job and dedicating her career to helping students.

McTavish said, “I’ve always loved helping students figure out how to solve their problems.”

Having grown up in an underprivileged home herself, she knows how difficult these goals might seem for some of us.

“When you [students] do have a goal and make a plan, it’s easy to be guided,” said McTavish.

Already, McTavish professes her love for Pueblo because our diversity and hopes to guide each student towards a better future.

She has advice for our students: “Find your passion, find out what you love, and I’ll help you get there.”

Recently, on Wednesday, September 14, McTavish helped to coordinate and host the 2016 College Fall Tour held in the South Gym, inviting all Pueblo seniors to talk to more than a dozen organizations (college, universities and a few military branches) regarding their post-high school careers. She also organized the “Tri-Universities” presentation on September  20 in which Arizona’s three universities spoke to seniors as well as offering them brochures and information about their colleges.

“I know that a  lot of our seniors are scared about going out in the real world, but the earlier that our seniors know where they’re going, the more they can enjoy the rest of their high school days,” McTavish said.

She added, “Every senior is capable of greatness in their futures.”

Warriors Welcome Back Mrs. Kathryn Gunnels

Angelita Delcido El Guerrero Pueblo 2016

By Angelita Delcido

The Pueblo community welcomes back Mrs. Kathryn Gunnels to the 2016-17 school year after three years of “taking a break” and pursuing other positions in the district.

She decided to return to Pueblo to teach freshman English. During her three-year departure from Pueblo, Gunnels kept in touch with several of her former students, but she still wanted to be back in the community full-time.

Kathryn Gunnels Returns To Pueblo High School

“I missed being able to work with students in the classrooms and seeing their progress,” Gunnels said. “I love teaching freshmen more than any other grade because they are full of enthusiasm and malleable.”

Although returning has been a happy event for her, Gunnels said that she did not miss all of the meetings and the paperwork involved in being a full-time teacher.

She added that the students, administrators and teachers are all part of her family.

“I love being at Pueblo,” Gunnels said. “There is no better school that I’ve ever worked at.”