Prom 2022 Returning to ‘Almost Normal’

By Isaiah Sotelo

Yazbel Robles, Class of 2022 President of Prom Committee

Pueblo High School’s “Happily Ever After” themed prom is bringing students back to the routine of having proms again! This year, the Prom Committee has a real treat for Warriors.

The prom will be held on Friday, April 29, from 7-11 p.m., and the event will be located at the Ambassador Event Center. Tickets are now $60 but will increase to $70 in April as the prom date nears.

Student Council students will be hosting and prepping for the prom, and sponsor Mr. Gregory Obregon is very enthused about this event.

“We’re going to try to be as ‘normal’ as possible this year,” he said. As for students’ safety, he added that there will be enough security to make everybody feel comfortable.

Obregon also asks anyone who attends the prom to wear a mask as a safety precaution.

“Based on how things [COVID-19 cases] are right now, we’re going to ask people to wear masks,” said Obregon, “so make sure those dresses and tuxedos match with those masks!”

The venue will be providing drinks and pastries for students—free to everyone who purchased a prom ticket.

Prom Committee president, Yazbel Robles, encourages people to eat before prom.

Robles and a team of about a dozen have been planning the prom since the beginning of the school year. She encourages students to go to prom because it’s an opportunity that students shouldn’t miss.

“We’ve been in a pandemic for so long and most of us haven’t experienced a traditional prom,” said Robles. “We really want to bring this experience back into our school year and make it an event that we all look forward to before graduating.”

Obregon anticipates a larger than usual prom because students haven’t experienced a “real prom” in the last three years due to the pandemic.

“For everyone who is here right now, especially seniors, Pueblo was not able to offer them a ‘real’ prom last year, and there wasn’t a prom at all in 2020.” He paused and added, “Let’s all get back to being almost normal this year—at least, as close to normal since 2019!”

“I’m excited to go to prom because it’s going to be a new experience for me,” said senior Evelyn Parra Rodriguez

She added that she hopes that all the seniors attend prom because it is a time when students will have an opportunity to feel grown-up, get dressed up, have fun, and make life-long memories.

Another student, junior Lucia Pineda, said, “I’m excited to go to prom because I really look forward to dressing up and looking as pretty as possible.”

Junior Sadie Avalos added, “I’m excited to go to prom because it’s our first year back [to prom] since COVID-19 happened, and it’s going to be an unforgettable memory from our high school years.”

“It’s going to be fun and a great time,” confirmed Obregon. “It [prom] is something that that you will always remember and will be one of the highlights of your high school experience.”

Prom Night 2011 – Unmask The Night

Prom was held at the Savoy Opera House at Pinnacle Peak on April 2nd, 2011.  As one of the most memorable nights of the year, our Warriors dressed elegantly to this formal event.  The locale fit well with the Phantom Of The Opera theme: Unmask The Night.

Unmask The Night

Prom Royalty was announced around ten at night.  The winners were:

Prom King & Queen:  Robert Moore & Sara Sereno

Prom Prince & Princess:  Christian Rodriguez & Sandy Rocha

[Prom Night 2011 Photo Gallery]

Prom Night 2010 – Escape To Sin City

This years Prom was held downtown at the Tucson Convention Center Copper Ballroom. The theme was Escape To Sin City and the ballroom had casino decor. About 240 Warriors attended and danced to the music of

Prom Committee celebrates the success of the event

Prom Royalty was announced and the winners were:

King & Queen: Angel Rodriguez & Blanca Llanez

Prince & Princes: Brian Ortega & Melissa Shaw

Here’s a short video of the atmosphere:

What did you think of Prom Night 2010? Leave us your comments.

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[Pueblo Just Dance Video]

Prom Night 2009 – Hollywood Fusion

Waiting for a good song, friends hang out
Waiting for a good song, friends hang out

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood was in full display at Prom this year. Warriors lined up on the red carpet anxiously waiting to start jamming to their favorite tunes. The dance floor was packed the entire night!

Prom Royalty was announced at around 10:45 and the King and Queen were:  Xavier Jacobo-Garza and Marbella Lopez

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