Homecoming 2018

Tailgate Party at Homecoming 2018

By Getsemani Cazares and Sophia Shivers

On Friday, Sept .28, Pueblo’s homecoming was punctuated by a tailgate party, organized by our own student council members.

Ms. Sarah Sutton, who is beginning her first year as student council teacher/advisor, started the year off to organizing this huge event.

Sutton said, “Everything at Homecoming went well for being my first year of being a part of student council.” She added that she was very impressed by the huge numbers of alumni who showed up for this event.

Many clubs participated in the tailgating event, which is a grand opportunity for clubs to raise money for their clubs.

Sutton said, “There were about 20 clubs selling, and student government gets five percent of what the clubs earn because of the effort and costs of putting up posters and preparing for events like this.”

Despite a very successful tailgating night, student council admitted that they faced some difficulties in preparing for this event.

Vice President Class of 2022 Angelina Cecil said, “There was miscommunication, and clubs were not setting-up in their correct location. But in the end, everything worked out.”

Angella Armenta, secretary for the Class of 2022, has a few suggestions that can help improve Pueblo’s next events.

Armenta said, “Clubs can definitely learn how to be more organized. Better communication is needed and a better way to handle the tickets needs to be discussed for next year.”

Still, Sutton feels that Tailgating 2018 was a very successful event. “We’ll all be better off next year.”

Warriors Defeat ‘The Undefeated’
By Adamaris Castillo and Jessica Prado-Rascon

What better way to kick off the fall weather for the Warriors then to blowout the Douglas Bulldogs, after a very disappointing 1-4 losing streak! The 2018 Homecoming game was a perfect day for the Warriors to show the world what they’re actually made of.

After losing a few consecutive games, the Warriors practiced diligently to ensure that they had a dramatic and triumphant comeback on the field at this year’s homecoming game.

…With a win of 47-0, our Warriors made this homecoming one for the books!

Running back and linebacker Omar Ibanez (#34) said, “I felt like I stepped up. In fact, we all stepped up as a team to play for each other rather than playing for ourselves. I also felt that everybody on the team brought all of our strengths together to complete the goal we had set for this game.”

Senior Flavio Gonzalez (#77), defensive end, said, “The game against Douglas really united the team and got the stamina rolling for us. I think that this game actually helped us build the chemistry that we needed to sustain us through the rest of the season.”

Robert (“Bobby”) Jackson (#1), a senior and a wide receiver, said, “I felt like this game really brought the team closer to being a real team—a whole team. During the homecoming game, we truly showed our true colors—and they were some bright ones!”

According to Head Coach Brandon Sanders, “Defeating an undefeated team was a definite wake-up call for the players. Their ‘inner Warrior’ awakened!”

He added, “The homecoming game was a solid win for us—definitely winning at the right time. The team truly showed the world what we Warriors can do.”

Sam Lopez & Arlie Kontic crowned King & Queen

Royalty: Some Traditions Never Die
By Candy Rodriguez and Alyssa Soza

The traditional crowning of royalty during homecoming’s halftime definitely brought great anticipation and excitement to the Pueblo community. At last, our Warriors finally got to see who they chose for king and queen; this year, seniors King Sam Lopez and Queen Arlie Kontic were named Pueblo’s royalty.

“I was a little surprised that my peers voted for me,” Queen Arlie Kontic said. “All week long, I was a little nervous. I wondered how I would act if I won, and when I did, I actually didn’t make a fool of myself.” She paused and added, “Being homecoming queen was the cherry on top of a really great day. The next day was my birthday.”

King Sam Lopez said, “I was genuinely surprised that I was voted king, and I was even rooting for the other nominees [Chuck and Lulu],” Lopez said. “I felt that my peers really respect me and appreciate me. I am very humbled to accept my peers’ votes to be their homecoming king.”

Seniors Chuck Hindley and Lulu Pereira were honored to have been nominees, as were Alex Cocio and Renee Olvera.

“I was honored to have been nominated for queen,” Pereira said. “Two ‘L’s make a ‘dove’.” She explained that she and Chuck Hindley were prom prince and princess nominees, and we were nominated—but lost—this year.

“I still feel lucky to have been nominated,” Pereira said. “What a great honor, and I couldn’t be happier for Sam and Arlie for being our king and queen this year.”

Dance On Saturday?
by Jacquelyn Gutierrez

For the first time in recent memory, Pueblo High School held their homecoming dance the day after the actual football game, on Saturday, Sept. 29 inside the South Gym. Actually, this dance almost didn’t happen, but members in the Student Council take the initiative to proceed with homecoming dance plans.

For the 2018-19 school year, Pueblo High School’s student government decided to host prom a day after the football game because many wanted a more formal look to the homecoming dance. In past years, students attended homecoming dance directly after the game—usually in jeans and sweatshirts.

Ms. Sarah Sutton, the new student government sponsor, said, “I am extremely proud of how the junior class held this whole thing [homecoming dance] together. Overall, it seemed like everyone had their fun [at the dance], which is the whole point.”
Junior class treasurer, Damon Carrasco said, “Homecoming dance gave students a lot more time to prepare, compared to past years when the dance was immediately after the game.” She paused and added, “I really believe that Saturday worked out great, and I hope that we continue to hosting the homecoming dance the day after the football game.”

Although, the dance was not on a traditional Friday, there was a large turnout of over 100 students with an unexpected appearance of a live band, PELT, kicking off the night.

Senior Marina Rivera said, “I loved the band at the beginning. The music was great and gave a great feel to just kick back for a bit,” Rivera said, “I just thought the DJ should have played more of a variety of music, that’s the only thing I didn’t like.”

Along with the crowd, there was a German presence at his very first homecoming dance.

“I loved it. In Germany we don’t have events like this, so it was so nice to have been able to experience something like this,” Said Sophomore foreign exchange student Johannes Grundler

Overall, the crowd was pleased with the great job that the junior class did in hosting the Homecoming dance this year.

Pueblo Homecoming King & Queen 2017

by Kyra Ycedo

Roman & Samantha

The Pueblo varsity football team (against the Cholla Chargers) weren’t the only winners at homecoming on Friday, Sept. 8. It was no surprise that Seniors Roman Estrella and Samantha Moreno were announced as homecoming royalty.

During halftime, Roman and Samantha were crowned king and queen, proudly representing Pueblo and affirming a long-lasting school tradition.

“I asked all of my friends to help us out and nominate us,” said Roman. “Honestly, I just wanted to make sure that Sam was crowned our queen, as cheesy as that sounds.”

Queen Samantha said, “I’m glad that I’m able to say that I won something during my high school years. Honestly, I didn’t really think that people knew me or liked me enough for me to be their queen.”

Many seniors expressed their thumbs-up for this year’s homecoming royalty.

Senior, Aldo Reyes said, “I think Roman and Samantha deserved to win. Even though they were the only candidates, I was really happy for them!”

Senior Lizbeth Oquita said, “I’m so happy for them [Roman and Samantha]! They really deserved to win.”

Homecoming Night 2010-2011

Pueblo had a big turnout during Homecoming Night. The night started with great entertainment in the Patio provided by the Warrior Marching Band, Ixora, Pistor Dance & many more.  Many students took the opportunity to take big swings at the Badger Mobile.  Clubs sold food and snacks during the tailgate party as fundraisers.

Warrior Football hosted the Tucson Badgers.  It was a close game won by the Badgers 19-12.  Fans on both sides of the field supported their teams efforts.  A new section on the home side grandstand was reserved for the Blue Man Crew, Pueblo’s most spirited Warriors!

During halftime, Royalty was announced and here are your winners:

King and Queen: Richard Alegria & Jennifer Cordova

Juniors: Jesse Garcia & Melissa Rodriguez

Sophomores: Alvaro De La Mora & Christiana Solano

Freshmen: Fernando Duarte &

Faculty:  Mr. Eleazar Ortiz & Mrs. Mary Wallace

[View Entire Photo Gallery Of Homecoming Day 2010-2011]

Enjoy our video:

Warriors showed great spirit during Homecoming Week! Here are other videos:

Monday- Football Mania Day

Tuesday- Black & White Day

Wednesday- Pajama Day

Thursday- Stop Light Day

Friday- Warrior Spirit Day

Homecoming Spirit Assembly

Spirited Warriors get ready for assembly.

Fiesta De Los Guerreros 2010

Thank you to all that attended Fiesta and supported the many clubs involved. We had a great turnout!

We will continue to improve this great Pueblo Warriors tradition and continue to open our doors to the community. See you next year!

Warriors danced all night to the live entertainment

A few highlights of the 2010 event:

  • Ballet Folklorico Los Mextucaz
  • Hip Hop Dance Groups
  • Live Music
  • Car Show
  • Fiesta Royalty

Angel, Cassandra, Adriana & Bernie.

[View Picture Gallery]

[Fiesta 2010 Video]

Homecoming 2009-2010

As usual, Homecoming Night brings Warriors past and present to Farber Stadium. A big crowd showed up to support our homecoming festivities.

King and Queen for all grades were announced at half-time and the winners were:

Freshmen (2013)
Marco Amador
Briana Valencia

Sophomores (2012)
Brandon Sanchez
Elissa Guerrro

Juniors (2011)
Issac Ortega
Ibonne Abeyta

Seniors (2010)
Ben Coca
Briana Gill

[Homecoming Night 2009-2010 Photo Gallery]

Homecoming Royalty Finalists 2009-2010

It’s Homecoming Week! Make sure to participate in as many activities as possible. We have Spirit Week, Lunch Activities and Spirit Assembly. Voting for Royalty has concluded and winners will be announced at half-time of football game vs. Marana. For details visit: http://homecoming.pueblowarriors.org

Homecoming Royalty 200910
Senior Royalty Finalists goofing around!

[Homecoming Photo Gallery]

Senior Royalty Finalists

Mariel Duran
Brianna Gil
Samantha Zambrano
Ben Coca
Michael Perez
Angel Rodriguez

Junior Royalty Finalists
Ibonne Abeyta
Amparo Alonso
Samantha Levas
Jorge Lopez
Nicholas Moreno
Issac Ortega

Sophomore Royalty Finalists
Arianna Contreras
Elissa Guerrero
Melissa Rodriguez
Alvaro Contreras
Noel Federico
Brandon Sanchez

Freshman Royalty Finalists
Samantha Cuellar
Ciana Galvez
Briana Valencia
Marco Amador
Ismael Rodriguez