Mr. Steven Reff Finalist For Award

Steven ReffSteven Reff, a Pueblo teacher of Free Enterprise and Economics, is a finalist for the Five Star Faculty Award, sponsored by the Honors College of the University of Arizona.  The award honors excellence in undergraduate teaching at the university and is the only award determined entirely by students.

The final selection process will include classroom observations, student evaluations and a half-hour interview. There was no deadline given as to when the winner will be announced.

Congratulations to Mr. Reff and we will keep you posted.

Wendy Enriquez & Randy Spalding

Wendy & Randy 32 Year Teaching Partners (Photo Arizona Daily Star)
Wendy & Randy 32 Year Teaching Partners

Two of our Exceptional Education teachers were featured on the Arizona Daily Star over the weekend. Ernesto Portillo wrote an excellent piece you can read here:

[32-year teaching partners a boon to special students]

Thank you for recognizing these two integral parts of our school.

Photo courtesy of BENJIE SANDERS / Arizona Daily Star

Warrior Walk-A-Thon 2009


Pueblo’s Annual Warrior Walk-A-Thon sponsored by the Hesperidis Club will be April 4th, 2009. All proceeds will be used to purchase medical supplies for the Samual Brownback Clinic in Sudan.

During the last 3 years, the Warrior Walk-A-Thon has raised the following:

  • 2007- $3,026
  • 2008- $2,060
  • 2009- Goal of $3,000

Cris Garang, a Lost Boy from Sudan who has worked with the club for each Warrior Walk-A-Thon and continually returns to Sudan to offer his services to refugees at the Akon Medical Clinic will hand deliver the supplies.

Cris was here on March 4th to discuss the personal tragedies of Sudanese refugees (including his own).  The assembly educated students about the plight of refugees in Akon, Sudan as well as the political situation in Sudan.  Cris offered a viewpoint on life that most students have not been exposed to before. He took the time to personally invite you to support this great cause:

How Can You Help?

Pueblo students can participate in Walk-A-Thon by registering in Room 216.

Everybody else can donate online here.

Surprise At Spirit Assembly

Wilcats & Warriors Cheerleaders
Wilcats & Warriors Cheerleaders

Students were suprised to see some of the University of Arizona Cheerleaders and Wilbur mix it up at our Spring Sports Assembly.  The assembly was to recognize spring sports and promote school spirit.

Students cheered as the Warrior Band played “Bear Down Arizona” and the U of A Cheerleaders were being tossed in the air for some high flying stunts. Later they joined the Spirit Man in a class competition of the Warrior Fight Song.

The Sophomore Class of 2011 was crowned victorious of the Spirit Stick and they rushed the floor in celebration.

What were your thoughts on the assembly? Leave a comment below.

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