Pueblo Students Travel To Hollinger

Avae Velasquez El Guerrero Pueblo

By Avae Velasquez

On Friday morning, October 30, Pueblo’s Cheer, band and mariachi clubs traveled to Hollinger K-8 to attend the school’s “Red Ribbon Week” assembly.

During “Red Ribbon Week”, students pledge to not do drugs or abuse alcohol. For many years, Pueblo has been traveling to schools to perform.

Warrior Cheer Visit Hollinger During Red Ribbon Week
Warrior Cheer proud to participate in Red Ribbon Week at Hollinger K-8

Skyblue Estrella, a senior, was one of 22 Cheer members who performed twice—once for middle school students and another for K-5 students.

“I really enjoyed performing for the children,” Estrella said. “I could tell that they really appreciated us being there. We had the opportunity to dance with these kids while our mariachi band performed.”

Another senior in Cheer, América Cárdenas, said, “I felt like a celebrity when we walked in there because all of the Hollinger students turned around and stared at us. A lot of those students wanted to be photographed with us.”

She paused and added, “I’m glad that high schools like Pueblo can be involved in these kinds of community activities. I really felt like I did some good today.”

Estrella said, “I felt like we were true role models to a lot of younger kids. Even if we reached a few kids today—to stop them from abusing drugs and alcohol—we have done our jobs as leaders.”

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