ACT Prep Classes: Get Those Scores Up!

By Natalie Salazar & Alicia Santa Cruz

Pueblo High School has added three ACT Prep classes as an elective to better prepare about 100 juniors for the ACT in April.

With the help of Ms. Mary Anne Kelly, Mr. Johnathan McLeod and Mr. Rana Medhi, juniors taking ACT for the first time in a few months will utilize their test-taking strategies and apply their academic preparation.

“I hope this class is a successful program for our Pueblo students,” said Dr. Rosario Hutchings.

She has organized a meticulous schedule for the ACT Prep teachers, who will be boosting students’ skills in three categories: reading, English (grammar) and mathematics.

Medhi, one of the ACT-Prep teachers, hopes to make a positive impact with his students’ test scores.

“I wholeheartedly want students to value the ACT and to help boost students’ confidence when taking a test,” said Medhi. “If it were up to me, I’d start this program when students were freshmen and give them a two-year head start on the ACT.”

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