Pueblo Community Rolls Up Its Sleeves… Again

By Jose Jovel

Pueblo High School Librarian Ms. Marsha Jean Burrola rolls up her sleeves.

On Tuesday, March 5, the Red Cross paid another visit to Pueblo High School’s Lever Gym, and once again, Warriors rolled up their sleeves to donate blood at a very crucial time in the community when blood donations have been steadily decreasing in recent years.

The blood drive was organized by Student Body Secretary senior Czarina Grijalva, who has been organizing Pueblo’s blood drives for the past two years.

“It’s not as stressful as you think to organize a blood drive,” said Grijalva. “It’s our community duty to donate blood, and the Pueblo community has been historically generous.”

Red Cross member Chastity Morris said, “Students should try to donate blood because it saves lives, and everybody’s blood type is valuable.”

One blood donor, senior Sergio Lopez, said, “I donate blood to help my community, and knowing that I could be saving lives is definitely a motivating factor.”

PHS librarian, Ms. Marsha Jean Burrola, rolled up her sleeves as well.

“I’ve been a blood donor since I was 17,” she said. “I am thankful I can share my health with others.”

A total of 17 pints of blood were “collected”.

Pueblo’s next and last blood drive will be held May 8—when the PHS community is encouraged to help a shortage of blood in Southern Arizona. Students must bring their IDs and a signed permission slip, available from Student Council. Students must be at least 16 years old to become blood donors and meet certain criterion; students who are 18 or older do not need a signed permission slip.

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