Class Of 2024 Pueblo Senior Advances As Flinn Finalist

By Alexis Vargas & Emely Villanueva

Leanna Payan

Pueblo High School senior Leanna Payan has been selected as a semifinalist in a prestigious Arizona state scholarship.

The Flinn Scholarship offers full tuition for any of the three main in-state universities. Just 80 of 1,000 high school senior applicants are selected as semifinalists for two rounds of interviews, which narrows to only 20 Flinn scholars.

Leanna Payan said, “What drew me to applying was the fact that it was so supportive, and I knew people who received this award including Samuel Gonzalez last year.”

This is the 39th generation of Flinn Scholars. Students are offered over $130,000 dollars for tuition, housing, meals, and opportunities to study abroad.

Payan is one of six students from Tucson who made it to the finalist round.

She said, “For me, becoming a Flinn Scholar would mean being in a community with people who actually want to do school and want a better future for themselves.”

Payan will learn in April if she is officially a Flinn Scholar.

“Just to make it this far is an honor,” Payan said.

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