Front Office Doors Show Pueblo Pride

By Julian Tellez, Shenail Arvicio & Desire Noriega

Last quarter, students and faculty were treated to a new look to the six main office doors—Pueblo’s emblem and colors—adding to the aesthetics to the campus that has been a trend for the past few years.

The idea originated from Pueblo High School Principal Mr. Frank Rosthenhausler, whose commitment to beautify PHS is definitely apparent and appreciated by the entire Pueblo community.

Several months ago, Rosthenhausler asked the staff to choose among 10 design ideas, and money was used from vending machine profits.

“The door design cost more than $3,000 dollars, and it’s money well spent,” Rosthenhausler. He added that more doors may be decorated in the coming months.

Assistant Principal Karla Martinez said, “I love the new designs on our new office doors, and it exemplifies how much we all care about the look at Pueblo.”

Ms. Jeniffer Mayersohn, Assistant Principal, said, “I think the doors look beautiful because it makes our school modern.”

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