Class Of 2019 Sophomores Challenged By AP Exam

by Laura Conde and Adrian Zuluaga

Class of 2019 Sophomores take AP Exams

After several grueling months of prepping for the AP world history exam, 11 Pueblo sophomores took on the challenge of the AP exam for the first time on May 11.

As a new AP world history teacher this year, Ms. Victoria Bodanyi said that the experience was definitely memorable.

“I like how much I also get to learn while teaching,” said Bodanyi. “Teaching an AP class is definitely a challenge, but I enjoy it. I’m a history nerd.”

At the beginning of February, Bodanyi began the process to help her students to prepare her students for the exam in three months.

Prior to the exam, all 11 of the AP world history students expressed that they were prepared for the big exam and had been even more challenged during class.

Jazlin Ladriere, a sophomore who took the exam, said, “I did feel like I was prepared, and the mock exams that Ms. Bodanyi gave us were actually harder than the actual AP exam.”

Another sophomore, Yazmin Almazan, said, “Before the exam, I felt like it was going to be the hardest test I would ever take. However, I felt pretty confident about my score after the exam.”

Jessica Noperi, yet another brave sophomore, said, “If you’re taking AP world history next year, be sure to do you work on time and keep up with the AP standards throughout the year.”

This year’s sophomores were the first class to experience the rigorous curriculum of AP world history. Despite this, most of them confirmed that they were continuing their AP journey and felt more competent to continue the AP trend.