Pueblo Fire Science Takes Charge At Regionals

On Saturday, February 4th, 2012 the Regional SkillsUSA Fire Competition met at the Rural Metro Fire Training Center here in Tucson. The 40 participants from the region were from the west and east campuses of the JTED Fire Program including 6 from Pueblo’s Fire Program.

The competition included the following events: ropes & knot tying, hose rolling, breathing apparatus timed competition, climbing a ladder with tools in hand and a victim drag with a 200 lb. dummy.

The day culminated with a Fire Fighter Combat Challenge that mixed Pueblo students with JTED students and a very delicious barbeque.

Pueblo Fire Science At SkillsUSA Competition

We are very ecstatic to announce that our team made Pueblo proud. Out of the top 10 scores, we had 4 of our 6 participants in the following places:

  • First Place- Carlos Meraz (Senior) – 2nd year in the program
  • Second Place- Juan Aguilar (Freshman) -1st year in the program
  • Fifth Place-Victor Grutzius (Junior) -2nd year in the program
  • Sixth Place- Luis Mendivil (Freshman) -1st year in the program

Manuel Cedre & Hector Ortega made a great showing and just missed being in the Top 10.

Congratulations to the Pueblo Fire Science Program! They showed up at the competition with one thing on their minds and that was to put Pueblo Fire on the map. They did it in a big way!

Thank you Chief Jeff Smith for sharing.