Where Did Our Teachers Go? [Summer 2010]

Back by popular demand. Here are some pictures shared by teachers on their summer travels.

Thanks for sharing.

Reclining Buddha in Bagan, Myanmar
Brahmin Priest
Taj Mahal in Agra, India

The first picture is of a reclining Buddha in Baga, Myanmar.  The second is of a Brahmin priest performing the nightly ceremony to put the River Ganges to sleep at night in Varanasi, India.  The third photo is the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. (Spalding)

Grand Hyatt in Seoul, South Korea

Photo 1:  Keunjeong-jeon, the royal throne hall is Korea’s largest surviving wooden structure. Kings conducted state affairs, held official functions, and received foreign envoys here. Built in 1394, high ranking officials assembled in this court to pay respect to their kings.

Photo 2:  The Grand Hyatt in Seoul, South Korea.  Photo taken from bedroom in the Grand Hyatt.  Hilary Clinton stayed there this summer also.  It is GREAT when someone else pays your way to vacation and work.  Or it is work and vacation? (Reff)

Wilbur the Wildcat

In July, I went to London for 5 days, then on a 12-day Baltic Capitals (Copenhagen, Denmark; Berlin/Warnemuende, Germany; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersberg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden) Cruise. (Stull)

Pederson Family catch Northern Pike & Walleye
Northern Boundary Waters Of Minnesota

These two pictures were taken in the Northern Boundary Waters of Minnesota.  My son Christopher caught a Northern Pike and I have a Walleye.  Then there is the sunset looking toward Canada.

Saul making Shokshuka

Josh and Saul Ostroff making “Shokshuka” for breakfast at  summer camp in the Pocono Mountains of P.A.  Shokshuka is an Arabic Dish popular in the Middle East.  It is similar to huevos rancheros, heavy on the tomatoes or salsa. (Ostroff)

Travis in Kauai, Hawaii
Travis in Boston

First photo is from Kauai, Hawaii and the second is in Boston. (Klein)

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