Pueblo Prepares For Spring Break 2024!

By Ariana Garcia and Leia Ortega

This upcoming highly anticipated Spring Break begins at 3:03 p.m. on Thursday, March 7—lasting until Monday, March 18, which will officially begin the fourth and final quarter of the school year. It’s going to be a long stretch until the end of the school year—just one day off during the entire quarter (Friday, March 29). So, enjoy the most of your time, Warriors!

This spring break, some folks are off to foreign places, and others preparing to spend time with friends; however, most will be dashing to their couches.

Ximena Ibarra: “Maybe I’ll hang out at the park with my friends.”

Ms. Gonzalez, English teacher: “I think I’m going to stay home and relax with my dog. Also, my dad’s coming to visit, and maybe work on my silver smithing and art projects.”

Emmanuel Romero: “I have band practice with my friends because we’re recording that weekend for our band, The Woahs, and we have a show coming up at Club Congress on either March 13th or the 14th.”

Brooklyn Contreras and Kassandra Perez: “We’re going to the Descendants concert in Phoenix, and we’re going to see some little alternative stores along the way.”

Diego Pesqueira: “My band and I are playing our first show at Groundworks.”

Ms. Nelly Rivera, campus security: “Uh…I’m going to clean my house.”

Ms. Sarah Sutton, drama teacher: “I’m going to Guatemala with my boyfriend and his family.”

Jose Morales: “So far, I have no plans. Maybe I’ll work at my job, but that’s about it.”

Kaz Detwiler: “My friend, Nico, and I are going to her house, and… uh, yeah.”

Adriana Aguirre: “I plan to start my first job. I have recently applied to Fry’s, Tillys, and Buffalo Wild Wings.”

Mr. Rana Medhi, journalism teacher: “This is the time of the year when I like to get the backyard ready for spring and summer—so it’s going to be an organic week.”

Camilla Crisantos: “I’m going to work basically the whole week,”

Daniel Valenzuela: “I’m committing to completing a week of ‘Bootcamp’ with Ms. Wallace, and maybe I’ll have time to hang out with friends and just breathe.”

Isis Escalante: “I’m going to catch up on some sleep. Oh, yeah—I’m also going to Italy!”

Linkon Carillo: “I’m planning on celebrating a couple of birthdays in my family.”

Jessica Ramirez: “I’m going to crochet and eat some Hot Pockets.”

Mr. Frank Rosthenhausler, PHS Principal: “I’m going to Las Vegas—taking my father to the Pac 12 Tournament, and this year I’m also taking my little 10-year-old.”

Mouse Saenz: “I’m going to be sleeping a lot, and maybe I’ll make time to practice my Clarinet or watch youtube.”

Ms. Jeniffer Mayersohn, Assistant Principal: “My family is coming down from Michigan, so we’re just going to do some desert things. They’re looking forward to feeling the sun.”

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