Welcome Back, Ms. Taylor Cleland!

By Precious Riley & Beatriz Villalba

Ms. Taylor Cleland is back at Pueblo High School to take over math classes for Ms. Rhesa Olsen who retired at the end of last semester.

She should look familiar to many students—as Cleland taught here at Pueblo from 2018 until 2022 to pursue her passion in writing (and to avoid COVID-19).

“I’m a writer, and I wanted some more time to work on my writing,” she said, explaining why she left two years ago.

“I also got long-term COVID-19, so I couldn’t work full time. However, I’m much better,” said Cleland.

She also substituted many times before this semester, but Cleland adds that she likes having her own students a lot more.

She said that she is focusing on getting the students back on track.

“When students have substitute teachers, they end up doing little or nothing,” Cleland said.

Her main goal is trying to create a positive learning environment for students, allowing students to listen to music while they do their work and frequently monitors all her new students’ work.

“I think if students have a positive environment in which to learn and work, they will have much better chances of academic success,” Cleland said.

She added, “I also have students working on projects as well as having some students teaching their peers. This creates an exciting learning environment.”

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