Warriors Explore Future At Tucson College Night 2015

America Cardenas Pueblo El Guerrero

By América Cárdenas

Once again, Tucson College Night rocks the worlds of our seniors and juniors at Pueblo Magnet High School. An estimated 50 Pueblo students braved the lines and crowds at the Tucson Convention Center on Tuesday, September 29 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., although some seniors noted that they were speaking to college representatives way after 9:00 p.m.

More than 3,000 were in attendance—students and their families from all over Southern Arizona. All of the hard work paid off—work that is done Ms. Holly Colonna and Ms. Beth Counts who work for TUSD’s Guidance and Counseling Departments.

Pueblo Warriors At Tucson College Night 2015
Class of 2016 Seniors Precious Wall, Sky Blue Estrella, Guadalupe Chacon, Manny Buelena & America Cardenas at Tucson College Night 2015

Sky Blue Estrella, a senior who attended College Night, said, “The event was overwhelmingly filled with high school students and a lot of college recruiters. I really enjoyed talking to some of the out of state colleges, including San Marcos College in California.” He paused and said, “If I have to, I’ll go to Pima, but I think that attending College Night really opened up my eyes and offered me many collegiate options.”

Mr. Ruben Romero, Pueblo’s College and Career coordinator, encouraged all of this year’s seniors to attend the event, and apparently he and senior teachers at Pueblo, made an impact on our students because the TCC parking lot was completely full in a reported 17 minutes!

Another senior who attended, Guadalupe Chacon, a senior, also took full advantage of the numerous colleges.

“It was fun to talk to some of the colleges from far away, including Alabama,” Chacon said. “Realistically, however, we spoke to the recruiters and reps from Arizona State University and the University of New Mexico.”

She paused and added, “This experience was a wake-up call for me and many seniors—especially since we have less than eight months [until graduation].”

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