Warriors Welcome Back Mrs. Kathryn Gunnels

Angelita Delcido El Guerrero Pueblo 2016

By Angelita Delcido

The Pueblo community welcomes back Mrs. Kathryn Gunnels to the 2016-17 school year after three years of “taking a break” and pursuing other positions in the district.

She decided to return to Pueblo to teach freshman English. During her three-year departure from Pueblo, Gunnels kept in touch with several of her former students, but she still wanted to be back in the community full-time.

Kathryn Gunnels Returns To Pueblo High School

“I missed being able to work with students in the classrooms and seeing their progress,” Gunnels said. “I love teaching freshmen more than any other grade because they are full of enthusiasm and malleable.”

Although returning has been a happy event for her, Gunnels said that she did not miss all of the meetings and the paperwork involved in being a full-time teacher.

She added that the students, administrators and teachers are all part of her family.

“I love being at Pueblo,” Gunnels said. “There is no better school that I’ve ever worked at.”

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