Warriors Learn Latino Law Student Association


By Iram Arce and Brianna Metzler

On Nov. 7, Pueblo students participated in a trip to the University of Arizona Law School to attend the 2017 Arizona Supreme Court Oral Argument—and also to learn about the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA).

The LLSA is a student organization dedicated to supporting students at the James E. Rogers College of Law. LLSA’s goal is to enhance the law college experience by providing networking and mentoring opportunities while also advocating for and serving our community.

Mr. Mario Matanza, School Community Liaison was in charge of taking all the students to the University of Arizona.

Soon after arriving at the College of Law, Pueblo High School students received a warm and gracious welcome from LLSA President Kristian Garibay; Dean Sally Rider, James E. Rogers, College of Law Associate Dean of Administration; and, Keith Swisher, Director of Undergraduate Legal Studies.

Swisher said, “Rather than the typical law course that students get at any university, students are actually taught [at LLSA] by full-time law professors and scholars dedicated to their field.”

At 10 a.m., Ms. Ana Islas, a Pueblo alum and Ms. Lynette Balderrama lead our Warriors on a tour to the James E. Rogers College of Law.

Matanza said, “I’m not surprised that the Pueblo Alumni have positioned themselves to play important roles in the community.”

After the tour, Pueblo students attended a panel of current law students and
undergraduate students to have a better insight into their experiences. Students also had an opportunity to ask current law and undergraduate students’ questions.

“Don’t be scared of applying or demanding what you want,” said Islas. “The worst case scenario is just a ‘no’—not just for law but for life.”

By noon, Pueblo students enjoyed a delicious lunch from El Molinito in the company of current law students from the Latino Law Student Association, and Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ann Timmer and John Lopez.

Our Warriors ended their trip by attending an oral argument for the case of
The State of Arizona v. Honorable Gates/Apolinar Altamirano.

Students returned to Pueblo with the understanding of what it truly meant to dedicate your life to the law of the land.

“It is usually under graduate students that are exposed to trials like these so to have high school students to have a quick peek is awesome,” Matanza said. “When are you going to meet the Supreme Court Justices again? I mean unless you get into big trouble.”

Senior Lydia Angulo said, “This trip was a rare opportunity that gave us a rare exposure to young people, and I am glad I went.”

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