Seniors, Rise Up!

by Marla Terminel

For the first time in Pueblo’s history, seniors in student council with sponsor Ms. Angela Gonzales will organize an overnight “Senior Sunrise” party, an opportunity for seniors to share their final moments and memories together.

The event is planned for Thursday, March 12, and will last the entire night into the next morning, March 13, the first day of spring break for students. Breakfast will be provided, and seniors will also have access to Nintendo and PlayStation games, movies, karaoke, and other party games.

Student Council Representative Marianna Robles, a senior, said, “This event will be a chance for all seniors to get together, get to know each other, and have our last hoorah before graduation.”

The event will take place on the football field where television sets and food stations will be accessible.

Robles added that Senior Sunrise will be a way for seniors who are not familiar with each other to bond before going their separate ways in two months.

Sponsor Gonzales and all seniors in student council are actively working for this event to be held the night before grading day of spring break.

“Anyone in StuCo could volunteer throughout the entire night,” said senior Representation Rachelle Romero. “We are working very hard to make this event a reality.”

Senior Class of 2020 President Damon Carrasco said that he is expecting about 100-120 seniors to participate in this event. “This event will be one of our last events together, and we want to go out with a bang,” Carrasco said. “At one time, this was just a thought. However, Melina Gonzales [senior] came up with this idea, and then everybody else in the Class of ’20 united.”

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