New Math Teacher ‘Adds’ To Staff

by Ismael Angulo, Getsemani Cazares and Easther Zazueta 

Among the two dozen or so new teachers and staff members at Pueblo High School this school year, Ms. Taylor Hall is PHS’s newest math teacher—Algebra I to Freshmen, and Algebra to Response to Intervention (RTI) Freshmen and Sophomores. 

Hall grew up in Iowa, but she moved to California to earn her undergraduate degree at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Immediately following completion of her bachelor’s degree, she attended Stanford University where she earned her graduate degree. Hall looked for a teaching position in California, but she said that she did not find the “right fit”. Taylor moved to Tucson because she had family here, and she decided to try to find a job in Southern Arizona. 

“Mr. Rosthenhausler [principal of Pueblo] reached out and asked me to interview,” Hall said. “The more I looked at Pueblo, I felt like the culture really matched where I wanted to be.” 

Hall, like all teachers at Pueblo thus far this school year, have been teaching online. She said that she will gladly return to the classroom when it is safe for her and her students, but unlike many teachers, Hall seems to have a positive outlook regarding online instruction. 

“I really like teaching online,” she said. “I really enjoy using the technology and the tools to teach with the computer.” 

Hall has some advice for seniors applying to colleges. 

“I never got to know any of my high school teachers very well,” Hall said, “and getting letters of recommendation was very hard. I recommend that students choose teachers they get along with and like—and to keep those relationships continuing because they might need them even after the school year is over.”

One thought on “New Math Teacher ‘Adds’ To Staff”

  1. Good luck Ms Hall.
    I retired from Teaching Math after 28 years at Pueblo.
    Richard williamson

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