Senior Graduates Early, Off To The Marines

By Aubrey Medina & Dania Navarrette

Before Pueblo High School student Jacob Amado develops “senioritis” next semester, he has decided to graduate early and begin a five-year military commitment in the United States Marines Corp.

Amado, still 17, will earn his high school diploma at the end of this semester and head off to “boot camp” for three months in San Diego, Calif., next month.

“I have been committed to the military since the end of my sophomore year,” Amado said. “I had a feeling two years ago that I wouldn’t be able to stay focused in college, so my decision to serve my country has been a wise one. I don’t want to waste any time or money in college when I’m still not sure what life career I want to pursue.”

After boot camp and a brief break, Amado said he will then be stationed in Virginia for approximately five months before finding out his next assignment which could involve guarding American embassies around the world and a few years of infantry.

“Nothing is as hard as you might think it is,” Amado said, advising his peers that they should never abandon their dreams no matter how challenging they may seem to be.

Amado worked especially hard this past semester to complete his high school credits early.

“The moment I committed to a future in the military, I stayed focused on completing this [Pueblo High School] chapter of my life,” he said.

Amado said that he does plan to attend the district’s ceremony for December 2023 graduates at Catalina High School so that he could officially have “closure” to this part of his life.

Although he said he will miss his family, friends, dogs and the “comforts of home”, Amado is eager to venture to boot camp on January 8, 2024.

“There will always be something [in Tucson] to return to,” he said, “but this [military commitment] is the next chapter of my life.”

[Amado is the grandson of campus monitor Ms. Nellie Rivera.]

Warriors Show Respect At Flag Raising Ceremony


By Iram Arce


On the morning of the eve of Veterans Day, November 10, 2016, Ms. Marie Little’s Automotive SkillsUSA Club members, along with the Pride of Pueblo (band) and our cheerleading team performed a flag-raising ceremony to honor those who serve and have served our country.

Specifically, the following were honored: our Davis-Monthan airmen currently serving here in Tucson, and all of the veterans in our community. This event also paid homage to the Marine Corps’ 241st birthday.

Later that day, just before the end of seventh period, Ms. Marie Little’s Auto Club retired Pueblo’s flag back to her auto classroom. The old American flag will be placed into a box and attached will be the names of former auto students currently serving in the military.

Then, on Monday, Nov. 14, before first period, the new flags (U.S., Arizona and P.O.W.) were raised by students in the Pueblo Auto Club.

Little said, “After a few years of wear and tear, the flags desperately needed to be replaced to keep Pueblo to the highest standards of respect and dignity.” She paused and added, “I’m very proud of my students taking charge and conducting themselves with genuine care and the utmost respect for the people who were honoring.”

One of the students involved in this patriotic ritual, senior Gabriel Palomino, said, “It’s an honor to be part of the flag’s retirement, especially after knowing that it had been flying over Pueblo’s grounds for a long time. The flag means more than a piece of cloth to me; it represents our country and all of its glory, its struggles, triumphs and perseverance.”