Mr. Warrior Pageant 2017: Elegant As Usual

By Summer Romero

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2017 Contestants.

On Feb. 10, 2017, Pueblo held is 6th annual Mr. Warrior Pageant for senior males to show the judges what they got.

Contestants had to endure four different events to prove to judges why they should be Mr. Warrior. They were graded all on a scale from one through five (with “five” being the highest).

The originator of the Mr. Warrior Pageant, counselor Mrs. Teresa Toro, said, “They boys went through four major events. First—contestants were judged on a “strike a pose” dance routine; then, the boys had to “survive” a “swimsuit cat walk”; thirdly, each contestant had to show off one of their talents; and, lastly, each participated in the “Gala” event—that is, presenting their female escort with a thoughtful gift; the boys were required to wear tuxedos!

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2017 Escorts

The pageant is also a fundraiser—to help seniors raise money for their senior gift as well as to award a senior a $500 scholarship. This year, because of all of the money raised, two scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors.

The four finalists were faced with a pageant question to end the competition; according to Mrs. Toro, whoever answered it the best—evaluated by the judges—won the pageant.

The winner of the 6th Annual Mr. Warrior Pageant…? None other than Manuel Enrique Navarro, who won two free tickets to Prom, a free tuxedo rental and an Olive Garden restaurant gift card.

“I love Olive Garden,” Navarez said.  He paused and said, “Honestly, winning was a total surprise, but I’m not going to lie—it felt good to win. Like, whoa! I’m Mr. Warrior!”

Video of entire show:

Barbosa Becomes ‘Mr. Pueblo Warrior’ 2015

By Gabriela Gastelum

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2015 Contestants

The 4th annual “Mr. Pueblo Warrior” pageant generated great enthusiasm and professionalism on Friday, Feb. 13, in the auditorium.

As in the previous three years, 10 male contestants from the senior class representing different clubs all competed for the title. In the end—after dynamic, original performances—Santos Barbosa humbly accepted the crown.

Ms. Sarah Wilson (radio teacher) and Mr. Jesus Orduño (Spanish teacher) emceed the event, and senior Julie Harrison was the student host.

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2015 Escorts

All contestants had the privilege of having a female escort, and the contestants showcased their talents, as well as competed in a “swimsuit” segment. Each contestant presented his escort with a meaningful, heart-felt gift, making the judges’ final decision very challenging.

Santos Barbosa

In the end, the judges chose the final four: (4) Matthew Raper; (3) Jose Angel Toro; Victor Garcia (the runner-up), and the victor, Santos Barbosa.

Barbosa said, “My experience for the pageant was beast! It was a real blessing to spend time with my family and friends, and I put a lot of hard work and effort towards it.” He paused and added, “I felt really excited and unexpected when I won the pageant—the competition was really challenging.”

Third placer Jose Toro said, “The entire evening was really great! I had a good time presenting my stand-up comedy act, and I’m really glad people enjoyed it and laughed at my jokes. I was a little worried that nobody would laugh.” Toro added, “I really thought that I wasn’t going to place in the Top Three, so I was really surprised.”

All of the contestants expressed their own form of victory.

“Although I joined the competition late, I had a lot of fun,” said Albert Nieblas. “In the end, I feel that Santos was a great competitor and definitely earned the crown.” He added, “I think the Mr. Warrior Pageant should be continued as long as Pueblo High School is up and running”

Mr. Augustine Romero, Pueblo’s principal, said that he enjoyed watching his first Mr. Warrior pageant. “The pageant was a great experience! I am glad that I was able to share this event with my family and friends. It’s clear that a lot of hard work went into the preparation of this pageant. It was amazing!”

Mr. Pueblo Warrior Pageant 2012

Pueblo held it’s first annual Mr. Pueblo Warrior Pageant on January 27, 2012.  Each contestant had to participate in the following events: Strike the Pose Dance Routine, Swim Suit Cat Walk, Talent Show, Ritzy With A Gift & Question & Answer.

Mr. Pueblo Warrior Pageant 2012 Contestants

This years constestants were:

  • Peter Casillas- YES Club
  • Omar Enriquez- Warrior Soccer
  • Alvaro Gallego- Warrior Wrestling
  • Oscar Hernandez- KWXL Radio
  • Manuel Lopez- Science Club
  • Blake Maddox- Warrior Golf
  • Marco Ortiz- Pueblo Cheer
  • Christian Rios- Ixora Dance
  • Brandon Sanchez- National Honor Society
  • Edgar Toledo- Mariachi Aztlan

Congratulations to Edgar Toledo for winning the crown of Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2012!

Mr. Pueblo Warrior 2012 Edgar Toledo

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View Videos Of Show: Mr. Pueblo Warrior Pageant 2012 YouTube Channel

Mr. Pueblo Warrior Pageant 2012 Escorts

Escorts: Elisa Velasquez, Karime Hernandez, Briana Sanchez, Dalia Gracia, Monica Velderrain, Jocelyn Canchola, Clarissa Barrientos, Ana Islas, Kimberly Martinez & Melissa Martinez.

The judges included: Mrs. Anne Abbott-Gee, Mr. Nathanial Adams, Ms. Wilma Amaro, Mr. Lorenzo Chavez, Mr. Ned Gray & Mr. Eleazar Ortiz.

Video of contestants:

Prom Committee announced the theme for this year’s Prom: Moulin Rouge

Thank you to everyone that made this such a successful event.  Don’t miss next year’s event!